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Faculty and Staff Accessing SAIL, Moodle, Network and Email

Faculty and Staff Accessing SAIL, Moodle, Network and Email

Footprints Public Solution # 56866 Updated March 2016

To begin using computing resources at Oakland University, you need a GRIZZLY ID NUMBER and pin and an OAKLAND UNIVERSITY NetID (which includes email) account and password. Please note that the Grizzly ID number and the Oakland University NetID are NOT related to your SPIRIT CARD, and the number on your SPIRIT CARD is not usable to access computing and network resources.

Please note that you will use sites that do not start with "www." The SAIL site is http://mysail.oakland.edu The webmail site is http://webmail.oakland.edu Moodle website is http://moodle.oakland.edu

  • 1) Get your Grizzly ID Number and PIN
    • If you are faculty and need to obtain your Grizzly ID, please contact the faculty employment office, Academic Human Resources, (248) 370-2922,  ahr@oakland.edu 

    • If you are staff and need to obtain your Grizzly ID, please contact the university human resources office, 431 Wilson Hall, (248) 370-3480, uhr@oakland.edu
    • If you are a student, please visit any student service office such as Office of the Registrar or complete the on-line Grizzly ID Release form https://forms.oakland.edu
    • If you do not know your PIN, follow the instructions on /uts/student-services/resetpin to reset your pin to a 6 digit number of your choice.
2) Verify SAIL Login
    • Go to http://www.oakland.edu and click on the MySAIL link located in the upper right-hand corner of the page (https://mysail.oakland.edu)

    • Click the Quick Links "Faculty and Staff SAIL" and click "Login to Secure Area"
    • Enter your Grizzly ID and PIN or your NetID and Password (See below on how to obtain your NetID and Password)
    • Click on LOGIN.
      • You should then see a screen form that says "Login Verification Change Pin" with a red X that says "Your PIN has expired. Please change it now." Enter your old PIN again in the first field. Then enter your new PIN (6 numbers you choose) in the first field and second field. Click on login. Please note that you can type more than 6 digits, but only 6 digits will be remembered and used by the system.
      • For first time processors, you will be prompted to establish a hint question. If this is not your first PIN reset and you don't know your hint answer you will need to contact the helpdesk and request a "PIN hint answer reset". Remember your PIN is 6 numbers.
  • 3) Check out SAIL
    • Once you have successfully logged into SAIL, if you are a faculty member:
    • Click on Faculty Services
    • Click on Select Term
    • Look at materials, such as course rosters.
    4) When You Forget
    • If you forget your PIN, try using the HINT question; enter your Grizzly ID first, then click on the Pin Hint. If that doesn't work, you must reset the PIN.

      To reset the pin, go to /uts/student-services/resetpin complete the form process, click on SUBMIT. When entering your birth date be sure to follow the format shown. On the next screen enter the answer to your HINT question and click OK. On the following screen enter and verify a new PIN. Your PIN must be exactly 6 digits. You will receive an email confirmation that your PIN has been reset. If you cannot reset your PIN online, you must contact the helpdesk to enter a footprints help ticket to have your PIN manually reset. If you forget your Grizzly ID you must come in person with picture identification to the appropriate office:

    • Staff at University Human Resources (140 NFH), (248) 370-3480
    • Faculty - Academic Human Resources, (248) 370-2922

5) Obtain your NetID username and password. You need an Oakland University NetID username for OU email. Please note that you must first complete the steps above to access SAIL.

  • Go to https://netid.oakland.edu and click on Obtain your Account or Reset your password.

  • Enter your Grizzly ID number and 6 digit SAIL PIN number. Enter a password using the criteria outlined on that page in the New Password and Verify Password fields. Click on the RESET PASSWORD button. The next screen you see will tell you your NetID account username. You may want to do a screen print to save the information.
6) Using Email


  • Use your NetID username and password to access e-mail.
  • Go to http://webmail.oakland.edu Enter your new email username and password to access email.

7) Using your NetID


  • Use your NetID account username and password to access the network when you are using the wireless network or a wired port that requires authentication. Your NetID is also used to access Moodle, SAIL, academic systems, and web page storage.