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Errors Sending E-mail to Oakland University

Errors Sending Email to Oakland Univeristy

Footprints Public Solution #31115 Updated March 2016

Oakland University has implemented a policy to conform to documentation that prohibits accepting email from misconfigured mail servers. The restriction is that the host which connects to Oakland's Mail server MUST have a reverse DNS entry and a forward DNS entry and that they match.

You may see a message that resembles the following if your mail is being refused:

"450 Client host rejected: cannot find your hostname, []"

The solution to this issue is to properly configure the mail server of the remote user by contacting the remote host. An example of a properly and mis-configured mail server is following: resolves to mail.company.com which resolves to (OK) resolves to www.company.com which resolves to (NOT ok) doesn't resolve to anything (NXDOMAIN, NOT OK)

Please contact the helpdesk and/or the postmaster account in the remote domain. Internet standards REQUIRE that there be someone listening to postmaster@company.com email addresses.