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Desktop Service Level Agreement

Desktop Service Level Agreement


This document outlines the desktop computer,laptop computer and mobile device support that IT Help Desk provides for Oakland University faculty and staff. Due to rapid advancements in technology development, diverse needs of University departments, and decreasing State funding, the Help Desk must focus support initiatives on those technologies used by multiple units across campus. We recognize that requirements within individual units may demand the implementation or use of technologies not specifically contained within the scope of this document.  The IT Help Desk will work with departments to help develop needs assessments, purchasing guidelines, and support plans whenever possible.

As a general rule, departments are responsible for support when implementing technology components outside the scope of this document, unless support arrangements have been prearranged with the help desk

Appropriate use guidelines for technical resources can be found #890 Use of University Information Technology Resources


Below are the supported configurations for hardware, peripheral devices and software.

  • These are the minimum system requirements supported by the IT Help Desk.
  • Only components purchased by or formally donated to Oakland University are eligible for support. Visit the Policies and Procedures website at http://www.oakland.edu/policies or click here to download Gifts, Pledges and Grants Policy #500.

  • Desktop and laptop equipment older than 5 years should be replaced with newer equipment. Older computers represent both operational and security risks.
  • All University owned PCs need to be joined to the ADMNET domain.
  • The IT Help Desk will not service or repair personally owned equipment.
  • The IT Help Desk offers limited support for computers with local accounts.


The standards listed below are the minimum specifications needed for support of Oakland University computers. They pertain to both laptops and desktops. For recommendations on purchasing new equipment, be sure look over the http://www.oakland.edu/purchasing/prefvendors/.

  • Minimum PC Requirements

    • Pentium 4 compatible CPU or equivalent
    • 1 Gigabyte (GB) RAM required for SunGard Banner use

    • 1 Gigabyte (GB) RAM is required for non- SunGard Banner use

    • 2 Gigabytes (GB) RAM is required for running virtual machines
    • 40 GB Total Hard drive space
    • CD-R
    • 10/100 RJ45 Ethernet
    • 802.11b/g wireless network card (optional)

  • Minimum Mac Requirements * G4 or higher compatible Processor; iMacs included

    • 1 Gigabyte (GB) RAM required for SunGard Banner use

    • 1 Gigabyte (GB) RAM for non- SunGard Banner use

    • 2 Gigabytes (GB) RAM is required for running virtual machines
    • 40 GB Total Hard drive space
    • CD-R
    • 10/100 RJ45 Ethernet
    • 802.11b/g wireless network card (optional)

Network Cards

  • Integrated and non-integrated network cards that ship with UTS Helpdesk- approved desktop hardware are supported. A desktop computer should only have one network card. If a computer is shipped with two network cards, only one may be activated.
  • Add-on or “aftermarket” network cards are not certified for use with the Oakland University network. These cards will not be supported without prior approval.
  • Current Oakland University data networks only support speeds of 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps. Network cards should not be set to negotiate speeds higher than 100 Mbps.
  • Network cards must be configured to use DHCP or the static IP address assigned by the IT Help Desk.
  • The MAC address of a network card must remain unchanged from the factory-installed address.
  • Wireless network cards are to be configured in client-only mode and not to be used as bridges, base stations, access points, or as an ad hoc network.
  • The Oakland University firewall rules will not allow for wireless NIC cards on the network for printing. The exception is for the goprint server.
  • Network attached desktop computers, laptop computers and printers must be configured to support the TCP/IP protocols. Any other protocol must be disabled.
  • Refer to the Network policy document on the University Technology Services homepage (www.oakland.edu/uts, click on Policies and Guidelines) or click here to download #850 Network Policy


  • Monitors should support 1024 x 768 resolution. A 17” flat panel monitor is highly recommended.
  • USB is the preferred connection interface for peripheral devices.
  • Scanners - It is recommended that you contact the IT Help Desk for assistance in gathering requirements prior to purchasing printing devices to ensure adequate support capabilities.
  • Backup Devices - CD-RW, DVD-RW, USB Drive
  • Printers – (Ex. HP, Ricoh, Epson, etc.)
    • Inkjet printers
    • Laser printers (PCL, PS compatible)
    • Network capable printers

  • Printer standards depend heavily upon the printing required. As a general rule, if the printer becomes slow, begins to degrade in print quality, or is increasingly having printer jams or other repeated service issues, it is time to consider replacement. 

  • Departments should consider the purchase of networked printers rather than individual local desktop printers. External Jet Direct boxes that are used to make a non-networked printer networked are not supported. These Jet Direct boxes are difficult to maintain and set up and function unreliably. Printer share boxes (A-B boxes) are not supported. External print server devices are also not supported.

  • It is important to plan replacement of older printer models when they serve a critical job function or when a back-up printer is unavailable. Printers that do not have updated drivers for the supported operating systems outlined in this document will not be supported.

  • It is recommended that you contact the IT Help Desk for assistance in gathering requirements prior to purchasing printing devices to ensure adequate support capabilities.

University-owned i-Pads, Smart Phones, Laptops and Tablets

University Technology Services will assist with ordering apps and software, and with network connectivity.


Personally-owned Smart Phones, PDA Devices, Laptops and Tablets

University Technology Services receives many requests for support of smart phones, PDA devices, laptops and tablets. Samples of these devices include Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Palm. These devices are generally personally-owned, even if a stipend is provided by the University for usage.

Since these are personally-owned devices, the IT Help Desk can only provide limited support. Help Desk support is limited to assisting with synchronization connections for email and calendar and general network connectivity. UTS staff may, at their discretion, assist with set-up, trouble-shooting and connection issues.

UTS cannot provide support in the personal evaluation, selection or purchase of a device, computer, smart phone, PDA or laptop. Please note that the IT Help Desk does not have budget funds that allow the purchase of device samples, so support is limited to "best effort" with no guarantee of advance training, knowledge or success. Manufacturers change these devices much too frequently for the Help Desk staff to keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest device and its related instructions. In most cases, contacting the vendor or service provider may provide the best and most prompt level of service.

If one desires to purchase and synchronize these devices with his or her Oakland University email and calendaring programs, or use the device on the Oakland University network, it is necessary to ensure compatibility with Oakland University's systems before the device is purchased. 

Your first decision in a purchase is whether you want Internet-enabled access real-time, or point-in-time synchronized access with your desktop. If you want Internet-enabled access, you must purchase a data plan.

Please note that OU does not have a Blackberry Enterprise Server or a Microsoft Exchange Server. Connecting a device through software which requires a desktop PC to be continually powered on and logged in is not acceptable. Server settings necessary to synchronize your device are maintained at http://www.oakland.edu/uts click on Faculty and Staff Services, Electronic Mail on the left menu. Instructions for synchronization are found under HELP after logging in to webmail at https://webmail.oakland.edu 

The IT Help Desk staff will make a good faith effort to assist faculty and staff members in getting these devices to synchronize with the university's systems. This effort typically includes 60 minutes of staff time, but may take significantly longer. Our resources are limited, however, and it may be necessary for the owner of the device to contact his or her service provider in order to resolve any ongoing issues. 

Please note the university data definitions in Policy #860 Information Security. Although these are personally-owned devices, the data on them which originates on Oakland University's systems remains the property of Oakland University. Owners of these devices need to take precautions to ensure that any personal or sensitive information is secure and to clear the device of any and all information before disposing of them.


Below is a list of site-licensed software supported by the Help Desk. It is important to note that, with the exception of University wide software agreements, license management initiatives are the responsibility of individual, units, and departments. Valid licenses must be produced for each computer, if requested, or the software will be removed. Please review University policy for software: Policy 870 - Software Regulations. You may click on the policy title or visit http://www.oakland.edu/policies

Encryption software is available either paid or free software. The use of encryption requires key management and must be managed by the individual or by the department. Encryption key management is not the responsibility of the IT Help Desk.  

Oakland University licenses software in some areas for specific use by university employees. Employees are encouraged to review all guidelines posted on the UTS Policies and Guidelines page. All software licenses are procured using standard university procurement and purchasing policies. See the UTS website (http://www.oakland.edu/uts/faculty-and-staff-services/software/) for additional information.

Operating Systems

  • Windows 8 Professional/Enterprise 32 bit and 64 bit.  The help desk is NOT responsible for checking compatibility with printers, scanners, and other hardware and software devices in your area.
  • Windows 7 Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate 32 bit and 64 bit (32 bit ONLY for customers who need to use Banner Access reporting)
  • Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate 32 bit and 64 bit (32 bit ONLY for customers who need to use Banner Access reporting)
  • Mac OS X Lion
  • Mac OS X Moutain Lion
  • Mac OX X Maverick
  • Linux (Limited support available, please contact the uts@oakland.edu prior to purchase/setup to clarify support availability)

Desktop Suites

  • MS Office 2013
  • MS Office 2010
  • Office 2011 for Macintosh
  • Office 2008 for Macintosh

Anti-Virus Tools

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection

Browsers It is important to note that some websites or Internet applications will use technologies not supported by certain browsers and may require the use of a specific browser/version.

  • Internet Explorer 10.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 30
  • Safari 6 (Macintosh default browser)

Banner Operating System and Browsers Supported

  • Windows Vista Enterprise SP1: Internet Explorer 8.0, Firefox 3.6; Java 1.6.0_24
  • Windows 7 SP1: Internet Explorer 8.0, Firefox 3.6; Java 1.6.0_24
  • MAC OS X (10.6 or higher): Safari 5.05 (note: 10.6 Update 4 includes Java 1.6.0_24 and 10.5 Update 8 includes 1.5.0_28)

Email Clients The following list of email clients are supported for sending/receiving email:

  • Webmail Powered by Google
  • Microsoft Outlook (Email Client Only)
  • Macintosh OS X Mail Client

Enterprise Systems

  • SunGard HE Banner

  • Scantron
  • Intellicheck
  • TouchNet

  • Portal
  • Moodle
  • Go Print
  • FormFusion

  • SAIL

Calendaring/Scheduling Tools

  • Gmail Calendar


Other Software:

  • Microsoft Expressions
  • Fugu (Macs)
  • CoreFTP LE 2 .2
  • Acrobat Reader 10.0
  • 7Zip (Windows)
  • Visual Basic
  • WinSCP
  • Putty
  • QuickTime


Discontinued Software Support Matrix

  • Retirement Date – On this date the product will no longer be purchased and supported by OU Help desk and staff. Any current installation will continue to operate, but will not be supported by the OU Help desk or staff.
  • End of Life – This date indicates that the product will no longer be purchased, installed, upgraded, or supported by OU Help desk and staff. If an individual/unit/department wants to maintain this product they will be responsible for purchasing, installing, upgrading, and supporting the product.

Product Name

Retirement Date

End of Life


Microsoft Windows XP OS and Microsoft Office 2003

April, 2014


All Desktops and Laptops will be upgraded to Windows Windows 7

Microsoft Office 2000 

June, 2007


All Desktops and Laptops will be upgraded to Microsoft Office 2010

Research and Development

Product Name



Help Desk continues to work with smartphone devices and development of help documentation

Suggested Purchasing/Replacement Guidelines

The IT Help Desk suggests purchasing computers at the high end of available processing speed and memory choices. Computers should not be purchased configured at or close to the minimum requirements (this reduces the usable life-cycle of the computer).  The help desk also recommends that an extended manufacturer warranty be purchased (usually 3 years) so extend the life of the compute and ensure that parts and service repairs are covered by the manufacturer.  

PC Recommendation


Core i5 processor 64 bit or equivalent

Core i5 processor or equivalent

4 Gigabyte RAM

4 Gigabyte RAM

512 MB Video Card

512 MB Video Card

80 Gigabyte Serial ATA Hard Drive

160 Gigabyte Serial ATA Hard Drive


Super Drive 8x DVD

19” Flat Panel Monitor

19” Monitor

To get information regarding preferred vendors for Oakland University and other valuable information that can assist in purchasing equipment please visit http://www.oakland.edu/purchasing. At the site click on the link named "Preferred Vendors‟ located on the left side. Contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance in developing a purchase plan based on your particular requirements and to ensure an appropriate level of support.


For further help, please email helpdesk@oakland.edu, visit us at 202 Kresge Library or call (248)370-4357 Monday-Friday, 8 am - 5 pm.