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Add Network Printer to a Macintosh

Add Network Printer to a Macintosh

Footprints Public Solution # 70725 Updated March 2016


Please use the instructions below on how to add a network printer to to a Macintosh computer:

  1. Open System Preferences from the Apple menu (upper left corner) on the desktop
  2. From Hardware, select Print and Scan, select the plus (+) sign to add a printer
  3. Select the IP tab
  4. Protocol: Select from the drop down menu "Line Printer Daemon - LDP"
  5. Find the name of the printer you wish to add. (This is often located on the printer.)
  6. Address: Enter PRINTERNAME.printers.oakland.edu
  7. Queue: Leave Blank
  8. Name: Enter printer name (Auto-populated)
  9. Location: Enter room number
  10. Print Using: Generic Post Script Printer (if you cannot find your driver) or "Select a driver to use" (choose the appropriate driver from the list)
  11. Click Add