Mac OS X Yosemite Upgrade

Public Solution # 117144 Date June 2012

Below is a list of items that should be reviewed prior to upgrading your Apple operating system to Yosemite 10.10

Hardware and Software Requirements

The basic requirements for running Yosemite are:

  • 2GB of RAM (system memory)
  • 8GB of free hard drive space
  • Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.8 or higher)

To check the version of OS you're running, the processor, and memory information:

  • Click on the Apple icon at the top left of your screen
  • Click "About This Mac"

For other information regarding features on OS X Yosemite please visit http://www.apple.com/osx/

OS X 10.7 does not support Rosetta, the translator that Mac uses to translate Power PC code to run on Intel processors. If you need to use that software, you must check with the software vendor about OS X Yosemite compatibility before upgrading your OS. If the vendor has a Universal or Intel version of their application then you will need to upgrade to it before upgrading to OS X Yosemite.

To find the applications on your system that require Rosetta or a PowerPC processor.

  • Go to Finder
  • Click on the Apple menu
  • Click on About This Mac
  • Click on the button labeled More Info. System Profiler will open a new window.
  • Click Software on the left hand side of the System Profiler window.
  • Select Applications. Scroll through the list and find all applications that say PowerPC under the Kind heading.

Review the compatibility apps list at http://roaringapps.com/apps:table to confirm that any software that you need to run is compatible with Yosemite prior to installation. Please note that some applications now require the use of an Apple ID or an iCloud account.

How to make a request for Yosemite

Yosemite software requests are processed by completing a mac checklist found on the following website. https://forms.oakland.edu/forms/FormsPROD/default.aspx

Please complete and submit one form for each computer that you would like an installation. Let us know if you have any questions.