How to Remote Desktop Mac to Mac Computers

How to Remote Desktop Mac to Mac Computers

Settings for remote connection to device:

  1. From Apple Menu>Go to System Preferences.

  1. Click on the Sharing folder.
  2. Check on Screen Sharing.

  1. Click the Computer Settings… button on the right.
  2. Click the check box next to “VNC viewers may control screen with password:” and set a 8 character password to use for screen sharing.
  1. Click OK.
  2. Click “Allow access for: All users or Only these users”.
  3. If you choose, Only these users next Click (+) plus button at bottom.
  4. Select the name of the user account you use from the list and click the Select button.
  5. Note the IP address of the computer from the sharing window. When you select Screen Sharing to on, the IP address will be listed in the middle of the screen by “vnc://xxx/xxx/xxx/xxx”.
  6. You will need the IP address to connect from the remote computer.

Settings for remote connection from device:

  1. Select "GO" from Finder menu
  2. Select Connect to Server
  3. In the Server Address field, type in vnc://IP address of your remote computer as it appeared in Screen Sharing above.

  1. Click the Connect button and it will open a new window to enter the password you set up.  A new window will appear and you will have control over the keyboard and mouse as if you were sitting down at that computer.

  1. When you’re done, simply close that window.