Print Queue Request

Print Queue Request

Footprints Public Solution # 70852 | Updated March 2016

The UTS department is no longer adding printers to the print server for network printing.  The following information is needed to create a print queue name and assign an ip address. 

  1. Printer Manufacturer:
  2. Printer Model #:
  3. Room location:
  4. Physical or MAC Address (located on the printer configuration page):
  5. Desired Print Queue Name:
  6. Will the printer need to print Banner jobs?
  7. Is this printer replacing an existing printer?

NOTE: External jet direct card are not supported on the Oakland University network. 

Once the ticket is update the appropriate information, it will be forwarded to the UTS department for them to assign the print queue name and ip address.

The help desk will then connect the printer to the computer by ip address and install the appropriate printer software drivers.