Parent cannot access students bill in Ebill System

Parent cannot access students bill in Ebill System

Footprints Public Solution #75682 | Updated March 2016

Parents may login to the eBill system and view their student's bill and make payments IF the student has set the parent (or other provider) as an authorized users. This can be done by logging into the students ebill account, navigating to the "Authorized Users" tab, click "Add Authorized User", and add the user using a valid email address. Once the user is added, they will receive two emails from "ebill". One email will contain the user Id, and the other will contain a temporary password, so be sure to check both emails.

After receiving the login information, please navigate back to, and use the Authorized Users login. Login with the email that was provided for the authorized user, and the temporary password that was received in the email.

On the first login the authorized user will be asked to provide an alternate email, and to create a new password and hint answer. After doing so, the authorized user will be granted access to the students ebill.

If the parent has forgotten the login or password, the student will have to log in, remove the provider as an authorized user, and recreate a new record for the provider as an authorized user.

We recommend that you make sure you enter your e-mail address, then click on the password hint, if you've just forgotten the password. Otherwise, your student will need to go through the authorized user drop and recreate steps to gain access.