PACE Registration Issues

PACE Registration Issues

Footprints Public Solution #116427  Updated March 2016

The following error message appears when there is an issue with the computer's time zone while registering for PACE courses. Start date not within permitted start date range

There is a known issue with the vendor Ellucian (owners of the Flexible Registration product), where persons whose system time zone is UTC or a positive offset of UTC have this problem. If the student is located in Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia, they are likely to have this problem. Ellucian has not yet published a fix for the problem at the time of this publication May 2012.

The work around for the problem is to temporarily changing the time zone on the computer to a western time zone (for example, Eastern Standard Time), then proceed to register for the course. Afterward, they may change the computer time zone back when the registration process is completed.

The steps to change the time zone on a computer is listed below.

  1. From the Start menu, click on Control Panel.
  2. Double-click the Date and Time.
  3. A Date and Time window will appear, select Change time zone…
  4. From the Time Zone Settings window, select a western time zone from the drop-down menu.