OU Email Deletion

OU Email Deletion

Footprints Public Solution #17262  Updated March 2016

Oakland University provides a full year of network access, systems access and free email service to current students and graduates as a courtesy. You must register at least once during the prior year to keep your email account active. The last date of the term is used to determine the one year expiration.

Doctoral students must also register, according to university policy #120 Continuous Enrollment Policy for Doctoral Students (Policy #120)

At the end of that year, we must delete the account.

If you return to the university in the future, you will be assigned a new NetID and e-mail address.

Attached is a document, "How do I get an E-mail Account?" that states that OU student e-mail accounts will be terminated 12 months from the last date of the term that a student last registered for classes. To keep your e-mail account active, you must register for classes.

A document that explains how to back up e-mail is attached. This document may be helpful to ensure that you do not lose important e-mail.