What Needs to be Done When Our Department Hires a New Employee

What Needs to be Done When Our Department Hires a New Employee

This document will assist employers and new employees with technology needs when a new employee is hired. Employers should consider the following as soon as possible in the hiring process.

  • What computer will the new employee use?

We sometimes find that older computer equipment is delegated down to new employees. If a "bump down" from another staff member is expected, please allow for extra time to allow the Help Desk to handle two computer set-ups and fill out two PC Checklists, located at https://forms.oakland.edu/default.aspx. The PC Checklist helps us ensure we get the right software installed for the new employee.

If the new employee will be using an older computer, please review the computer against the current support guidelines in the Desktop Computing Standards report. Some older computers are no longer supported. This report can be found at http://www.oakland.edu/helpdesk under Help Documentation. Please verify that standard computer parts are working - keyboard, mouse, monitor, and hard disk. Monitors should have functional brightness and contrast controls. Non-working parts will require more time for replacement in the set-up process. Adequate physical security must be planned for the computer location. If a new computer is to be ordered, please order it at least six weeks prior to the employee starting work. The help desk needs two week notice on all new computer installs after the completed New PC Checklist is submitted. If a new network drop box needs to be installed into the wall contact either the help desk or the UTS department and allow sufficient time for completion (3 months).

  • Where will the new employee sit?

Verify that the environment supports the employee working in ergonomic comfort. This is a significant issue with computer intensive jobs. The monitor should be slightly below eye level, 19-30 inches from the worker's eyes, and there should be sufficient ambient light to work without screen glare. Preference should be given to keyboards, document stands and chairs that are adjustable. If the employee starts and then finds the assigned work location unworkable, it will take additional time to move them or order adjustable parts. For further help, please email helpdesk@oakland.edu or call (248)370-4357. 

  • What computer accounts does the new employee need?

Consideration must be given to what data this employee will be allowed to view, change, delete or distribute. The ability to access information technology services (Calendar, Email, Banner, share folders, etc.) is provided over a network.  Access to ADMNET is required for security and support purposes.

Supervisors should work with employees to complete necessary forms as printed out based on the review of access guidelines. 

  • Domain Login Account

    University employees should log into their computers using a domain ADMNET account. To request an account, go to https://forms.oakland.edu/default.aspx  and select Account Request Form.  To obtain access to Banner, the employee must complete a series of paperwork: Banner Account Request Form and the appropriate Banner module request forms.   The supervisor needs to work with you to determine what form should be completed and what access is required.  All Oakland University employees are issued an email (NetID) account. There is no charge for this service to the department. This account is automatically created once University Relations enters employment data into Banner and is available the next day. No forms need to be filled out to request this account.  Once the employee starts, the employee needs to follow instructions on the Help Desk website to obtain their account information about activation for the NetID account.

  • What desktop software will the employee be using? The PC Checklist should be filled out for a new employee to use a computer on the Oakland University network. The form communicates to the help desk which software needs to be setup and the configurations that need to be changed so that the new employee has access to the network printers in the department. This form also ensures that administrative computer privileges are changed so that employee can use the machine properly. It is important to backup the important files written by the past employees in the position the new employee is filling, as well as to note any special computer programs that were used, such as photo editing or room scheduling. Please give the Help Desk approximately 2 week notice to install and configure a desktop for a new employee after the checklist has been submitted.

  • What specialized departmental server access will the employee need? Please review access to networked services needed by the staff member. The new employee may require access to documents or databases stored on shared servers. This access needs to be reviewed within the department. To check the current shares a staff member is using, double click on the My Computer icon and look for any shared hard drive icons.

  • What telephone will the employee be using?

    The UTS team needs the following information to set up a telephone:

    • Departmental contact
    • Name of telephone user
    • Type of telephone or telephone model number (found on the bottom of the telephone)
    • Allowed calling area: campus, local, metro, Michigan, world wide
    • Building, room, desk location
    • Accounting information for department billing

    Voicemail is available to all Oakland University employees who have a designated telephone and is offered at no charge to the department. To activate voicemail, contact UTS at uts@oakland.edu. Please allow one week for these services to be activated after UTS department has received the request.

    Employer Quick Checklist 

    New computer ordered and/or computer that is to be used is compared to the current year Desktop Computing Standards.

    Account request form(s) and PC (or Mac) checklists can be submitted online at https://forms.oakland.edu/default.aspx

    Telephone requests are called into the help desk at x4357.