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Microsoft Windows Vista Frequently Asked Questions

Microsoft Windows Vista Frequently Asked Questions

Windows Vista is Microsoft’s new operating system for clients. As many people transition to Windows Vista either through upgrades or through replacement of their computers, questions arise about whether applications, on-line services, and hardware be compatible. This document addresses the unique licensing and technical issues faculty and staff can encounter, if they attempt to use Windows Vista in Oakland University’s computing environment.

1. Does Client Services support Microsoft Windows Vista?

  • Yes. Client Services supports only the Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate Editions of Vista.

2. Is Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) supported in Vista?

  • No.

3. Is Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) supported in Vista?

4. I purchased a computer with Windows Vista Enterprise or Windows Business preinstalled. Do I need to configure my system to work with the University’s Key Management Servers (KMS)?

  • No, preinstalled versions of Windows are individually licensed and do not need to interact with our Key Management Servers.

5. I would like to upgrade to Windows Vista Enterprise using the Campus License Agreement (CLA). Am I eligible to do so?

  • Yes, as long as your computer has a licensed copy of a Microsoft or Macintosh operating system and is a University-owned computer you are eligible to install Windows Vista Enterprise from the CLA.

6. If I choose to install Vista on my computer, am I required to upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007 at the same time?

  • No, you can continue to use Microsoft Office 2003 on Vista.

7. If I choose to upgrade to Vista and Office 2007, can I also run Office 2003 at the same time?

8. I have heard that Vista has increased hardware requirements over Windows XP. Can my computer run Vista?

  • Yes, Vista does require more powerful systems than Windows XP. University Technology Services (UTS) has posted the Desktop Service Level Agreement (SLA), which provides the minimum and recommended requirements for hardware. You can access it at http://www.oakland.edu/helpdesk/desktop-service-level-agreement. Performance can be improved on a slower computer by switching to classic mode, which turns off the new ‘Aero’ graphical features of Vista. If you are considering using the BitLocker drive encryption feature, it is recommended that you verify the computer is partitioned properly at the time of order to avoid reconfiguration later.

9. I have heard that there are issues with Vista and Banner. Exactly what issues can I expect if I attempt to run Banner on Vista?

  • The current version of Internet Native Banner for Oracle is not supported on the Vista operating system. Documentation is currently unavailable for issues related to this implementation. When running Vista, Microsoft Access reports do not work reliably. An ODBC Driver is being evaluated that should resolve this issue.

10. My computer arrived with Windows Vista Business or Enterprise preinstalled. Is it acceptable to leave Vista installed?

  • You may use either of these versions of Vista if you do not use Banner as described in question #9. If you require Banner compatibility, contact the Helpdesk branch of Client Services in order to arrange to have your computer converted to Windows XP Professional. If you use Internet Native Banner or run Access or Excel reports using Banner data through ODBC, we recommend that you do not use Vista at this time.

11. My computer came configured for BitLocker drive encryption. What is this feature?

12. Is it possible to run Vista on a Macintosh using Virtual Machine?

  • Yes, it is possible to run Vista in a Virtual Machine (VM) on a Macintosh using Parallels, VMWare Fusion, and others.

13. Are there any issues running Vista in a Virtual Machine?

  • Currently two issues have been reported with Vista Virtual Machines. It is very important to review the system requirements for the VM software you plan on using. It is highly recommended you exceed the requirements as both Vista Virtual machines can slow also slow Mac and PCs host systems. For reference, even workstations with 4 GB of RAM and large amounts of free disk space can be sluggish when running Vista in VM. If you attempt to load Vista from an ISO image file, you might be unable to do so with the media failing to be detected or with the VM reporting that the media has errors. It appears this problem is caused by the ISO image file being greater than 2 GB in size. This has been documented on Microsoft Virtual PC and other VM software packages for PCs. The solution is to install from the DVD.

14. Why are certain customers having intermittent problems while attempting to reset their Windows password on Vista computers?

  • Client Services has identified a password-reset problem in all versions of Windows Vista that connect to a Windows domain. Contact the Helpdesk branch of Client

15. Is there additional training available to prepare me for the interface changes in Vista?

  • Currently no training is available for Windows Vista. Up-to-date information on available training opportunities is provided on the University Human Resources (UHR) website at http://www2.oakland.edu/training/.