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Office Hours: M-F 8:00am - 5:00pm

Help Documents Library

General Information

  1. Advising Information
  2. Clearing Internet Browsers
  3. Campus Computer Labs
  4. Faculty Annual Report Manager Access
  5. Faculty Grade Submission
  6. First Time Access to SAIL and OU E-mail
  7. How to send fax from a computer
  8. How Can I Submit a Helpdesk Ticket
  9. Creating Personal Recovery and Backup Strategies
  10. How to Connect to OU WIred Network in Library or Classrooms
  11. Hard Drive Destruction
  12. How Do I Repair a Corrupted Access Database
  13. How to Change your Name or Address
  14. How To Login for Class Registration
  15. How To Set Permissions for Google Sites
  16. How To Update Email Address In SAIL
  17. How to Change Your Banner Password
  18. How to Create a PDF Using a MAC 10.6 and Newer
  19. How to add a Network Printer to Mac OS X
  20. Internet Explorer with Compatibility View
  21. Microsoft Windows Vista Frequently Asked Questions
  22. Microsoft Word 2010 Not Responding
  23. Moodle Information
  24. Not Authorized to use the Web Information System
  25. Oakshare Website Information
  26. Online Admissions Application
  27. Out-of-State Tuition Information
  28. PACE Registration Issue
  29. MySail Frequently Asked Questions
  30. Registration Issue Page is Not Enabled
  31. Shares Folder Information
  32. Sail Leave Certification Page Submission
  33. Server Folder Access
  34. Textbook Information
  35. Transcript Requests
  36. Trouble Registering for Emergency Alerts
  37. NetID Password
  38. Website Support
  39. What Do I Do When My Department Physically Moves
  40. What Needs to be Done When Our Department Hires a  New Employee
  41. Where Can I Get The Phone Mail Quick Reference Guide
  42. Where Do I Receive UHR Cyber Security Training
  43. Where do I find a Work Authorization & Release Waiver for service on privately-owned computer
  44. Windows Live Mail Setup
  45. Wireless Network Security
  46. How to Add Your Campus Office Information to the Web Directory
  47. UTS On-line Form Submission Error Message

  Account Log-in Information

  1. Admissions Applications - I Cant Log in
  2. Banner Password Resets
  3. Compromised GrizzlyID Number
  4. External user id cannot be determined
  5. Faculty Position Admin Website
  6. Faculty and Staff Accessing SAIL Moodle Network and Email
  7. How Do I Obtain An ADMNET Account or Reset ADMNET Password
  8. How To Log Into eBill
  9. How to Change a Password in eBill for Authorized Users on Mobile Devices
  10. How to Change a Shared NetID Account Name
  11. How to Change or Unsubscribe from Emergency Alert Notifications
  12. How to Change your NetID Password
  13. How to change NetID and Email Name
  14. How to create your NetID Account
  15. How to obtain W-2 or W-4 Form
  16. How to obtain your Grizzly ID
  17. How to reset your Grizzly ID Pin
  18. How to reset your NetID or Admnet Password
  19. NetID and Domain Password Guidelines
  20. New Graduate Students - SAIL and Email Login
  21. New Undergrad Students Accessing Portal Moodle NetID and Email
  22. Records Do Not Match Error Message
  23. Returning Students Portal, Moodle, NetID and Email
  24. SECS Account Information
  25. Schedule of Classes and Find Classes to Add
  26. How to Add Your Campus Office Information to the Web Directory

 Email Information

  1. Appointments Do Not Appear in Google Calendar
  2. Attachments Not Sending in Google
  3. Attachments are blocked
  4. BlackBerry Setup
  5. Calendar Notifications
  6. Email Class Not Working In Sail
  7. Email Transfer From Webmail to Gmail
  8. Errors Sending E-Mail to Oakland University
  9. How to Open Multiple Gmail Accounts
  10. How to Set Up Email on iPhone
  11. How to Setup Email on Android Phone
  12. How to Stop Failed Delivery Emails in Webmail
  13. How to add Email Attachments
  14. Limit Sending Messages with Email Client
  15. Mac Mail Setup
  16. Mailing List Information
  17. NetID Account Information for CC2O Students
  18. Mobile Device Setup
  19. OU E-mail Deletion
  20. Unwanted SPAM Email
  21. iCal Setup
  22. iPhone, iPod Touch Sync to OU Google Calendar

 Telephone Information

  1. How to Setup Call Forwarding
  2. Telephone and Campus Directory Information

  Service Level Agreements

  1. Desktop Service Level Agreement

 New PC or Upgrading a PC

  1. Desktop Computer Purchase
  2. How to Fill Out a PC or Mac Checklist
  3. Mac OS X Yosemite Upgrade
  4. Where Can I Get a Mac Checklist
  5. Where Can I Get a PC Checklist

Remote Access

  1. How to Access the VPN
  2. How to Remote Connect from a Mac to a Mac Computer

  Application Software

  1. Apple Operating System Upgrade
  2. Google Calendar Sync for iPhone
  3. Google Groups
  4. Google Sync for Mobile Devices
  5. How to Purchase Software
  6. How to Setup Outlook_2016
  7. How to Update Windstar Tax Navigator Software
  8. Last Account Activity in Webmail Powered by Google
  9. Provider for Webcal Powered by Google for Mozilla Sunbird
  10. Webcal Powered by Google CalDAV for Apple iCal
  11. Webcal Powered by Google Sync for Microsoft Outlook
  12. Webmail Receiving Blank Emails In Internet Explorer
  13. What is the OU Microsoft Campus Agreement

 Banner Help Information

  1. Banner Data Dictionary Access
  2. How to fix "unexpected error" message in Banner
  3. How do I create an ODBC connection for Bannerprod or PROD


  1. Add Network Printer to a Macintosh
  2. How to print by IP address in Windows Vista
  3. How to print by IP address in Windows 7
  4. How to print by IP address in Windows 8
  5. Installing a Network Printer With Local Drivers
  6. List of Multifunction Printers
  7. Print Queue Request
  8. Ricoh Survey Form

  Policies & Guidelines

  2. Parent cannot access students bill in Ebill system
  3. Peer-2-Peer File Sharing
  4. Phishing

 Window Maintenance

  1. How to Perform a Windows Update

  Wireless Information

  1. GrizzNet FAQs
  2. GrizzNet Wireless Networking Security
  3. How do I connect to the Wireless Network
  4. Information on wireless networking
  5. Realtek Card Cannot Connect to GrizzNet
  6. Wireless Network Location Map
  7. Wireless in USA or Resident Halls


  1. ELIS Freeware
  2. PRIMO Free PDF Creator
  3. R Statistical Software
  4. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)