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How to Print by IP address in Windows 7

Before you get started you will need the IP address of the printer.  You can obtain this usually by printing a configuration page from the printer itself or it may be displayed on the screen of the printer.

1.       Go to start and select Devices and Printers

2.       Click on Add a printer

3.       Select Add a local printer

4.       Select Create a new port, select Standard TCP/IP Port, and then click next   

5.       Enter the printer IP in the Hostname or IP address box, name the Port name what you would like the printer to be named, and click next.

6a.   If driver is not installed: Click on Windows update and select the printer make and model from the list provided

6b.    If the driver is installed:  Select Use the driver that is currently installed and click next

7.   Give the printer the desired name and click next.

8. The printer should now be installing.

9. Select Do not share this printer and click next

10. If you would like the printer to be default check the Set as the default printer box.  You then want to test the printer by clicking Print a test page.  Once the test page prints successfully click Finish.