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Global Imaginarium

Global Imaginarium

The human imagination is our most powerful tool. In the 21st Century world we have the ability to create a truly global “imagination powerhouse” – The Global Imaginarium!

New technologies have openly linked the global power of our human imaginations. We can bring people together to investigate and resolve social and economic issues; imagine key solutions to the smallest or largest issue or need.

The Global Imaginarium creates an accessible virtual portal for the imaginative exploration of needs, ambitions, problems and, most of all, solutions. A portal, virtual creative place, multi-platform, accessible 24/7 from a variety of devices (i.e. web-based, mobile – by text, video, audio), anyone in the world can use the Imaginarium to set up and endeavor to resolve issues and needs. A creative common area for imaginative problem solving, the Global Imaginarium harnesses our creativity to provide for the future.

The design – which aims to be enhanced by the collaborative skills of the design, construction and demonstration team – will allow (a) ease of access under the largest number of technological conditions [eg. low bandwidth, variable bandwidth, as well as high bandwidth], (b) in-site access to machine translation to allow for language interaction (c) audio and video platform to assist, where currently geographically possible, increased ‘face-to-face’ communication worldwide and (d) searchable archiving of ideas and solutions, allowing for the future-proofing, mind-mapping and assessment of actions and human/physical investment with regard to problem-solving.

All are welcome in The Global Imaginarium!

Skype Address: global-imaginarium

Webstream: The Global Imaginarium (Live Stream from The Honors College. Check here to watch live events)

Contact: Dr Graeme Harper, Dean, The Honors College, Oakland University, gharper@oakland.edu