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Staff, Student Assistants & Small Group Leaders - We are here to help YOU!

"Welcome to HC 100! My name is Karen and I am a member of The Honors College staff. I am your second "go to" person for HC 100. Your TA will be your primary contact, but if there is anything you need extra help with, I am available.

I look forward to meeting and getting to know you this year!" - Karen Conn

Student Coordinators

Candice Novinski
Major: Accounting
Campus Involvement: Housing-Resident Assistant and SOPE, OASIS, and HC Echo Cognitio
Areas of Expertise: Sass and writing papers
Fun Facts: I have a movie quote or song lyric for every situation.

Rachel Voight

Major: Biology
Campus Involvement: Current Resident Assistant, former Nightwatcher and Admissions Ambassador
Expertise: Aquatic ecology, getting involved with research, and marathon sleeping.
Fun fact: This past summer I lived in Alaska assisting with research.

Small Group Leaders (TA's)

Shereen Abunada
Major: Communication- Minor in Public Relations
Campus Involvement: Public Relations officer/OU Muslim Students Association, HCSA, Association of Women in Communication at OU
Areas of Expertise: Writing, Communication skills, Public speaking
Fun Facts: Love to travel (been to 4 continents and counting), art enthusiast (love ceramics, painting and jewelry making), amateur photographer, foodie, bookworm, shopaholic :)

Tara Aziz
Major: Biology
Campus Involvement: Member of PATCH, & Pre-Medical Society
Areas of Expertise:  Program Coordination, Leadership, Public Speaking, Strategic Planning
Fun Facts: I am a huge Disney fan, I play the piano and sing, and I've lived overseas for most of my life!

Carley Chrencik
Major: Accounting
Campus Involvement: RHA, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Sigma Pi, and Speak Now Leadership
Areas of expertise: Math, Spanish, Writing, and some business courses
Fun facts: Grew up in Gaylord, have a twin brother, love summertime and greatly dislike winter (except Christmas!). The beach is where I like to spend my free time, however in the winter I like to read a good book or watch lots of movies. :)

Heba Elghoroury
Major: Health Science
Campus Involvement: Alpha Lambda Delta, Pre-Med society, Muslim student Association, Tutoring Center, Research at the Eye Research Institute
Areas of Expertise: Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry
Fun Facts: Just got my license. (Just a little late :)) Applying for pharmacy school. Had braces for 8 years

Morgan Farrah
Major: Biology with a Pre-Medicine focus
Campus Involvement:Vice-President of the Honors College Student Association, live on campus, member of House Council, work for Nightwatch, member of the Pre-Med society, Intramural sports.
Areas of Expertise:  Chemistry, Biology, and Writing
Fun Facts: I love to play volleyball or softball. Mac & cheese and ice-cream-2 favorite foods. Volunteer at Oakwood Hospital. Have been to eight different countries.

Nicole Freeman
Major: Studio Art K-12 with a concentration in Photography, minor in Art History
Campus Involvement: Member and former Historian of ALD, MAEA member, and OU intramural sports
Areas of Expertise: Photography, organization, time management, and sarcasm
Fun Facts: I'm Canadian, love green olives, my dog is part wolf, and I drive a stick shift

Joe Grzywacz
Major: Secondary Education Mathematics
Campus Involvement: Honors College, IM Sports, Resident, Critic of both campus landscaping and architecture.
Areas of Expertise: Math, History, The Legend of Zelda
Fun Facts: Captain of a Russian nuclear submarine, saved the world from near destruction time and time again, and drank from the Holy Grail. (Guess who?)

Elizabeth Hendra
Major: English STEP
Campus Involvement: Academic Peer Mentor for Housing, Editor for Alpha Lambda Delta, Golden Key, Circle K, Red Cross Club
Areas of Expertise: Campus Involvement, the Tutoring Center, and Grammar
Fun Facts: I enjoy reclining -- and reading -- on the hammocks surrounding Bear Lake and kayaking on local lakes and rivers.

Megan Kabara
Major: Biology, Pre-Medical
Campus Involvement: President of HCSA, VP of Habitat for Hummanity, Pre-medical society. Nightwatch Desk worker, and biology research lab!
Area of Expertise: Biology nerd and getting ready to apply for med-school, so if anyone needs help I am avaliable!
Fun Facts: Love penguins & hope to meet one someday! Know every line in the Little Mermaid. Love talking and getting to know people!.

Delaney Kamm
 Major: Psychology
Campus Involvement: UGTA and active volunteer with OUCares (autism awareness & assistance group on campus)
Areas of Expertise: Psychology, english, reading, writing, volunteering
Fun Facts: I love swing dancing, balloons, and adventures. I cannot wait to meet you!

Lisa Kassab
Major: Biomedical Sciences
Campus Involvement: Vice President of Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society, member of PATCH, HCSA, ODH
Areas of Expertise: Biology, Chemistry
Fun Facts: I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift, I love baking with my sister, and I like long walks on the beach.

Mike Kernen
Major: International Relations, Political Science/German Minor
Campus Involvement: Intramural Sports, Student Assistant at the Provost Office
Areas of Expertise: Poly Sci/International Relations, intro level SBA Courses (former Econ Major), balancing a job and school, living on campus
Fun Facts: Avid Detroit Tigers fan and Game of Thrones/Mad Men enthusiast

Liz Lawer
Major: Communication, Philosophy
Campus involvement: Ballroom Dance Club, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Alpha Lambda Delta, Honors College Student Assoc.
Areas of expertise: Extreme napping, sudoku puzzles, knitting, Harry Potter, party planning, movie quotes, sarcasm.
Fun facts: Self-appointed "Most Hilarious Person in Michigan", Michael Buble enthusiast, Libertarian, played Frumah Sarah in Goodrich High School's 'Fiddler on the Roof,' and has the inability to keep a fish alive for longer than a week.

Holly Lustig
Major: Anthropology-Archaeology
Campus Involvement: Orientation Group Leader, Nightwatch, Meadow Brook Hall, Phi Alpha Theta, HCSA, Anthropology Club
Areas of Expertise: History, Anthropology, and Sarcasm
Fun Facts: I am studying abroad in Oxford this summer, I pretended I was Indiana Jones until the young age of 18, I've got mad parkour skills, and I'm still waiting for my Hogwarts letter.

Taylor McKune
Major: Health Science (pre-PA)
Campus Involvement: iPause at Graham Health Center, Mission:Kindness at OU, Alpha Lambda Delta
Areas of Expertise: Weight training, writing, Frozen soundtrack
Fun Facts: Left handed, travel enthusiast, "World's Best Big Sister"

Ross Millitz

Major: International Relations & Criminal Justice
Campus Involvement: Kresge Library Information Commons Technology Mentor, Member of the International Village, Presidential Scholar
Areas of Expertise: HC Requriements including the thesis, Presidential Scholar reqs, on-campus living
Fun Facts: I have a faculty dopelganger somewhere on campus--points if you can spot him

Nahrain Putris
Major: Biochemistry (Pre-med)
Campus Involvement: ERI Research (SUPER 2014), Medical Brigade, PATCH, & HCSA
Areas of Expertise: Science!
Fun Facts:  I play piano, love playing volleyball with my friends, have a cute pet beagle named Molly

Genna Wilber
Major: Biology and English, Pre-Vet Concentration
Campus Involvement: Traveler with Alternative Spring Break and Secretary of Alpha Lambda Delta, the freshman honor society
Areas of Expertise: Reading comprehension, formal writing, and technical theater
Fun Facts: Have five dogs, love all animals, especially lions. Love to read, learn, and help others. I dislike being indoors and my favorite places are lakes, rivers, and woodland areas.

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HC students are automatically members of The Honors College Student Association (HCSA). HCSA hosts a variety of fun events each year for all Honors College students.

To keep up to date on HCSA events, go to Grizz Orgs and join the HCSA Student Organization. To learn more, contact your current President, Liz Lawer.

Trip to the Cider Mill
Thanksgiving Pie Sale

Making and Selling Valentines
 Relay for Life Wedding Booth

Halloween Party

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