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Print Stations


Oakland University offers wēpa, a cloud-based print solution that allows students to print documents on campus from their computer, smartphone or tablet. Students can upload documents on-the-go and print at 23 conveniently located wēpa print stations on campus. For assistance, check out "A Guide to Using WEPA".

wēpa accepts GrizzCa$h and credit/debit cards for payment.

The cost to print is:

  • $.12 for a single-sided black and white copy
  • $.20 for a double-sided (duplex) black and white copy
  • $.35 for a single-sided color copy
  • $.68 for a double-sided (duplex) color copy

How to print

  1. Upload your documents  (send from a smartphone, tablet or computer).
  2. Log in at any wēpa print station on campus and insert your GrizzCard.
  3. Select your payment method and print your documents.  

How to upload documents

  • Cloud — access your Box, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive account at a wēpa print station to print your files.
  • Web — log in to wepa, select your documents and “send to wēpa.”
  • Email — use your OU email account to email your documents to
  • Mobile — download the wēpa app for Apple and Android devices, and follow the instructions.
  • USB — insert your USB drive at any wēpa print station.

Campus locations
See on map

  • Elliott Hall (first floor computer lab)
  • Oakland Center (STC, two on main level, lower level by bookstore)
  • Hamlin Hall (main entrance)
  • East Vandenberg Hall (outside second floor cafe)
  • Human Health Building (third and fourth level lounges)
  • Oak View Hall (lobby)
  • Kresge Library (three on the second floor near room 203 and two on the second floor near room 253)
  • Varner Hall (second floor near room 212)
  • Pawley Hall (Educational Resources Lab)
  • Engineering Center (first level entrance and fifth level lab hallway)
  • Hannah Hall (hallway near room 287)
  • Math and Science Building (first floor lounge)
  • Dodge Hall (computer lounge on west side)
  • North Foundation Hall (Tutoring Center reception area)
  • Questions? Check out the wepa YouTube for instructional videos. Students may also contact wēpa directly at (800) 675-7639 or Their help desk hours are Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., central standard time.
Printing Tips
Review these tips to help you manage your printing projects.

Print preview feature

Using the print preview feature will help avoid reprinting documents simply to make small editorial or layout changes. Most applications have a print preview feature. This feature allows you to see exactly how your page will look when printed.

Print only what you need

When printing a document, especially a Web page, print only what you need. Be smart about what you need to print. For example, often the last printed page from a website consists of an advertisement or a single line of information. Use the mouse to highlight the information you need and print only that information.

Reformat your documents to save resources, time and money

Microsoft Word – You can print multiple pages on a single page without reformatting your document. You can print up to 16 pages per sheet (though this amount is best for graphics only).

Microsoft Excel – The fit to page feature in Excel automatically rescales output to print evenly on one or several pages. You can force the document to print out on a single page or multiple pages in a specific width or length. Excel takes care of the scaling. You then should use the print preview feature to make sure the document prints on the correct number of pages and will look readable. You also may want to change paper orientation from portrait to landscape if the page needs to be wider to include more columns.

Microsoft PowerPoint – Using the handouts versus slides option is a good way to print presentations on fewer sheets of paper.
Having Trouble
ProblemPossible Solution 
New guest card shows no value after purchase.

- OR -

Existing guest card shows no value.

- OR -

GrizzCard will not allow for printing.
You probably need to make a deposit in your GrizzCa$h account. You can do so in the ID Card Office or at a value transfer station in Elliott Hall, Kresge Library or the Oakland Center.GrizzCa$h or GrizzCard questions should be directed to the ID Card Office at (248) 370-2291.
Print job does not show in release station.Check to make sure you selected print and sent your documents to the wēpa print cloud. 
Print job fails due to toner problem or paper jam.See the lab manager to obtain a reprint when there are equipment problems.
I lost my guest card.The guest cards are not identifiable to any individual. You will need to purchase a new card.


For additional questions, students should contact wēpa directly at (800) 675-7639 or