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Apply for Graduation

Follow these steps to ensure you are on track and eligible for graduation. 

Step 1: 

All students must apply to graduate by submitting an Application for Degree online. Apply to graduate for the term you will complete your program requirements. Use the table below to find your deadline to apply. 

Undergraduate students should apply by the posted deadline. Graduate students (receiving a master's degree or above) are encouraged to apply during their second to last semester.
December (after Fall) Last Friday in September  Fall Ceremony
 April (after Winter)
Last Friday in January
 Spring Ceremony
June (after Summer I)
Last Friday in January
 Spring Ceremony
 August (after Summer II)
 Last Friday in June
 Fall Ceremony

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Step 2:

Run a degree evaluation by logging into SAIL and clicking on Progress to Degree

Step 3:

Meet with your academic adviser to ensure you have declared your major(s) and minor(s) and that you have met your degree requirements

The Office of the Registrar conducts an official graduation audit and obtains approvals from the academic units. A final graduation list is produced approximately eight weeks after the last day of final exams for that semester or session. Diplomas are mailed to the address provided on the Application for Degree.

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Step 4: apply to graduate

1. Log into your MySAIL account (using your NetID and password). 
2. Select SAIL from the menu bar on the right side of the page. 
3. Select Student Services and then Student Records
4. Click on Apply to Graduate
5. Be sure to read the directions at the top of each page.
6. Select the most current term from the menu.
7. Verify your curriculum, if all of your majors/minors/concentrations are correct, click continue.
If your curriculum is not correct, contact your Advising Office
8. Select the last date of the semester that you will finish all of your degree requirements. 
Do not select based upon the commencement ceremony you want to attend. 
9. Indicate if you plan to attend the graduation ceremony.
You will order tickets for your guests later. 
10. Select your current name. You can edit your name if boxes appear.
11. Select your primary address or enter the mailing address where we should send your diploma six weeks after the end of the term if different.
12. Carefully verify the Graduation Application summary
Did you select the correct graduation date and term?
Is your name entered exactly the way you want it to appear on the diploma?
Is the diploma mailing address accurate for where you will live six weeks after the semester?
Are all of your majors/minors/concentrations listed?

13. If everything is correct, click Submit Request. If something isn't correct, get help here
14. Follow the directions to reserve tickets for commencement.

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Step 5:

Students who graduate in April and June are invited to the April commencement ceremony, and students who graduate in August and December are invited to the December ceremony. 

You must attend the commencement fair — held once in the fall and once in the spring — if you are planning on participating in commencement. 

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Reorder Your Diploma

To order a replacement diploma, please complete, sign (electronic signatures cannot be accepted), and send the Diploma Reorder Request Form via fax, mail or email to the Office of the Registrar, Academic Records.