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About Us

Each year, more than 3,000 graduate students receive an exceptional educational foundation — from initial admittance to specialized areas of study to career preparation and graduation.

Annual Report
Mission, Role, Responsibilities
Graduate Education is dedicated to academic excellence at Oakland University, and advocates for support for graduate programs and graduate students.
As the administrative arm of Graduate Council, Graduate Education has responsibility for ensuring the highest standards in student admission; for providing academic records management, academic standing and degree services for currently enrolled students; and for the authorship, maintenance and oversight of graduate policy and standards that promote high quality in educational programs and curricula.

Graduate Education works with faculty, academic departments, and the deans of the College and schools to recruit and develop a graduate student body across the disciplines and professional fields reflective of academic strength and the University’s commitment to diversity, and designs programs to support student achievement and success.

Graduate Education also partners with departments and University governance in program review, accreditation, registration, and evaluation efforts conducted locally and by external authorities, and thereby contributes to the ongoing campus-wide commitment to retention.
Profile of Responsibilities
Commitment to Quality
  • Graduate Council — academic policies and procedures
  • Graduate program and curriculum
  • Course catalog and development
  • Graduate academic program review
  • Graduate student progress, retention and degree completion
  • Graduate academic faculty and program services
Graduate Recruitment and Admission
  • Prospective graduate students
  • Graduate recruitment
  • Graduate admission services
  • Graduate guest services
Graduate Student Progress
  • Graduate readmission and program transfer
  • Plan of study
  • Transfer of graduate credit
  • Petition of exception
  • Graduate assistants and fellowships
  • Leave of absence
  • Academic standing, probation and dismissal
  • Dissertation and thesis service
  • Manage the application to graduate
  • Approve final graduate degree audits
Dean of Graduate Education
Claudia Petrescu   

Claudia Petrescu, Ph.D., dean of Graduate Education, provides academic leadership and vision in the advancement of graduate education through the integrated process of strategic planning within Academic Affairs.

She serves as the administrative leader reporting to the provost and president on the expansion of graduate academic programs; and provides support and direction in academic planning initiatives, while monitoring the quality of graduate programs in a manner consistent with the OU’s mission.

Dr. Petrescu joined Oakland University in August 2015. She received her doctorate in Public Administration from University of Pittsburgh, and graduate degrees from Duquesne University, Babes-Bolyai University (Romania), and the National School of Public Administration and International Relations (Romania).

Prior to joining OU, Dr. Petrescu served at Eastern Michigan University in several administrative roles including director of EMU's National Leadership Alliance program, faculty associate for policies and procedures for the graduate school, and assistant to the Dean of College of Arts and Sciences for strategic planning.

Dr. Petrescu holds the rank of professor in OU’s Department of Political Science, and her research focuses on nonprofit management.

Staff Directory

Graduate Education
Claudia Petrescucpetrescu@oakland.edu(248) 370-3169
  • Dean of Graduate Education
Graduate Curriculum, Retention & Academic Services
Claire Rammel, Assistant Deanrammel@oakland.edu(248) 370-3159
Curriculum Management:
  • Policy and policy compliance
  • Off campus site locations
  • Distance programs
  • Graduate council
  • New programs and program modifications
  • Program review
  • Graduate student retention
  • Graduate student academic eligibility decisions
  • Graduate student and faculty academic service
  • Graduate applicant appeals
  • Oversee admission review
  • Oversee admission decision making for domestic and international applicants
Katherine Rowleykzrowley@oakland.edu(248) 370-3159
  • Banner catalog
  • Acalog (online catalog)
  • Course action forms
  • Special credit offering forms
  • Limited standing review and monitoring
  • Academic student program actions for petitions of exception, waiver/substitutions, transfer credits, readmission, program transfers, time extensions
Student and Faculty Academic Services
Evonne Mitchellmitchel3@oakland.edu(248) 370-4052
  • Graduate catalog
  • Graduate student enrollment service
  • KCP scholarships
  • Faculty mentor award
  • Outstanding dissertation and thesis award
Tina Tuckertinatucker@oakland.edu(248) 370-4189
  • Graduate student enrollment service
Graduation Services
Nidhi Khattreenkhattre@oakland.edu(248) 370-2569
  • Doctoral students degree audits
  • Doctoral students progress and candidacy
  • Doctoral plans of study
  • CAPP/Degree Works
  • Thesis/Dissertation defense deadlines, format and submission
Barbara Janssenjanssen@oakland.edu(248) 370-4156
  • Master's students degree audits
  • Master's students progress issues
  • Master's plans of study
  • Communication associated with degree audit
  • Degree Works
Graduate Technology and Web
NingNing Zhengnzheng@oakland.edu(248) 370-2595
  • Technology
  • Data analysis
  • Project management
Svet Alichevsnaliche@oakland.edu(248) 370-4317
  • Communications coordinator
  • Webmaster
  • Marketing/Events coordinator
Graduate Customer Services
Lateacha Carr (248) 370-2700
Sharon Truxton(248) 370-2700
Perspective and graduate applicantsgradinfo@oakland.edu
Enrolled graduate students inquiriesgradstudy@oakland.edu
Graduate Recruitment Services
Todd Steeletsteele@oakland.edu(248) 370-3073
  • Develop & execute graduate recruitment strategies
  • Coordinate graduate marketing and corporate relations efforts
  • International and domestic territory recruiting
    • Business, Communications, Counseling, Education, English, History, Music, Linguistics, Liberal Studies, Public Administration                 
Sherry Quinnsequinn@oakland.edu(248) 370-4922
  • Develop & execute graduate recruitment strategies 
  • Coordinate graduate marketing and corporate relations efforts 
  • International and domestic territory recruiting
    • Biology, Chemistry, Engineering and Computer Science, Health Sciences, Mathematics, Nursing, Psychology, Physics
Graduate Admission Services
Lynn Coughlincoughlin@oakland.edu(248) 370-2653
  • Admissions coordinator: application requirements, admission review, application decisions, processing and reporting
  • Coordinator for special graduate and incomplete applications
  • Provide graduate program coordinators admission support
Dawn Dotsondotson@oakland.edu(248) 370-2558
  • Applications and admissions services for CAS, SBA, SHS, NRS
Truus VanderWijstvanderwi@oakland.edu(248) 370-4142
  • Application and admission services for SEHS, SECS
International Admissions & Student Services
Danielle Bookerdrbooker@oakland.edu(248) 370-3466
  • International applications for admission
  • International student services (CPT)
Graduate Scholarships, Assistantships & Fellowship Awards
Sherry Quinnsequinn@oakland.edu(248) 370-4922
  • Scholarship coordinator
Michelle Smithmcsmith@oakland.edu(248) 370-4048
  • Budget
  • Graduate assistant agreements
  • Graduate assistant processing
  • Graduate assistantship payroll