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All-University Fund Drive (AUFD)

Miranda Divozzo is one of the many students impacted by the AUFD. 
She addressed donors at the celebration of the completion of a successful campaign in 2013.

The All-University Fund Drive is Oakland's annual giving campaign where current and retired employees can fund their passion at OU. As a nonprofit organization, we rely no private support to enhance the academic programs that attract students, the extracurricular activities and support services that enhance their experience, and the scholarships that make it affordable. 

Faculty, staff and retires are among our closest friends and many choose to support the programs and students that they work with every day or a special project on campus. Giving sets you apart as a leader in the Oakland University community, supports our missions and allows you to make a difference to OU students.

Gift to Oakland University are fully tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. Gifts to OU may also qualify for special match dollars, recognition societies, special event invitations and more. Participation is easy! One-time or ongoing payroll deductions are are an easy way to make a big impact. Or, give online, print a gift form, or learn more about planned giving options. 

With hundreds of funds to choose from, you can fund your passion at OU!  

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You may direct your gift to the program of your choice - see the Gift Funds page complete list. For more information, contact us.

  Giving online is quick, easy, and secure. Make a one-time gift to the fund of your choice, or set up a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly pledge payment. Give online now.
  AUFD Online Payroll Deduction is one of the fastest, easiest and most convenient ways to make your gift. On the Online Payroll Deduction form, you are able to:
  • Establish the total amount of your payroll deduction
  • Pick pay period to begin your donation
  • Donate to multiple funds
  • Select the ongoing payroll deduct option - you can “set it and forget it”, and there are no annual forms to fill out. Cancel or modify your deduction at any time.
  Download and complete this form to send with your donation to:

All-University Fund Drive
Gift Accounting Office
Oakland University
2200 North Squirrel Road
Rochester, MI 48309
  Download and complete an AUFD Planned Giving Form. Planned gifts include bequests, IRE rollovers, and charitable gift annuities. Contact us for more information.

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With over 800 funds to choose from, you can fund your passion at Oakland University!

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Tricia Westergaard, senior associate registrar, Registrar

Were you named after anyone? My middle name, Elizabeth, was chosen because it is my grandmother’s first name. I am honored to have her name as part of mine because she was an accomplished woman who was active in the local community.

What AUFD fund are you most passionate about? The fund that I am most passionate about is the Academic Council Degree Completion Scholarship Fund (#31041). This scholarship is a new scholarship that was created to provide financial assistance to students who are struggling to complete their final degree requirements. Personally, it is rewarding for me to see students achieve their dream of graduation.

If you could volunteer full time- what would you do? My secret dream job is to be a tour guide at the Warner Brothers studio in Burbank, California. Although not really a volunteer job, I would do it on a volunteer basis if I could.

Do you give to the same fund each year during the AUFD? I generally support the same funds each year. Last year, I added a new fund to support in addition to the ones I have supported consistently in the past.

Why do you choose to participate in the All-University Fund Drive? I choose to participate in the All-University Fund Drive because it is an opportunity for me to give to the programs that I am passionate about. As a Team Leader for the AUFD, I challenge everyone to support the AUFD as little or as much as you can. One of the best things about the OU community is that together, we can make a difference.

Avni Dalal Thomas, development project manager, Education & Human Services

If you could volunteer full-time, what would you do? If I could volunteer full time, I would split my time between a hospital and the pet shelter. I would love to help nurse people back to health, and maybe find more homes for pets in the process!

Do you have any hidden talents? My hidden talent is dancing. I have learned steps in the Indian dancing styles of Kathak, Garba and Bharatanatyam

What AUFD fund are you most passionate about? The Graduate Tuition Award in the School of Education and Human Services (#31507) is for all graduate students in the School, regardless of their major. As graduate students often have difficulty securing scholarships, this scholarship consistently receives more applications than current funding can support. Your gift to this fund with the comment “Graduate Tuition Award” would help future counselors, educational leaders, and human resource leaders reach their career and educational aspirations.

What fund are you directing your AUFD gift towards this year? I am also contributing to the SEHS Student-Faculty Collaborative Research Award in Counseling (#31645) this year. I believe the experience a student has while researching with a faculty member is a lasting and impactful one, breathing life into lessons learned in the classroom. This fund supports research and presentation costs, encouraging students to attend conferences and jointly present research findings with faculty.

Why do you choose to give to the AUFD? I am inspired to support different funds each year during the AUFD for two reasons. There are amazing projects and ideas developed on campus every day. I get to be part of some of these innovations by helping them grow, not only with my gift but with the match as well.

Teri Abbo, budget & IT procurement manager, University Technology Services

If you could volunteer full-time, what would you do? I would really enjoy raising money to remodel homes for veterans that meet their disability related requirements to support their continued therapy and rehabilitation.

What fund are you most passionate about? The University Technology Gift Fund (#32549) because I believe that technology is one of our strategic partners in education. This fund was established to support opportunities that initiate further growth and development for advancements in technology. These gifts allow UTS to research and test new and more efficient tools and services that will allow Oakland University to continue to meet the expectations of our students, faculty and staff.

If you could be a living professional athlete or artist for a week who would you be and why? If I could live as an artist for a week I would really appreciate the chance to live through Georgia O'Keeffe. I have always admired her work and think it would be an amazing opportunity to slow down and focus on bringing to life those images that play a support role yet are so critical in the success of the overall design. I think it would provide me with a new found appreciation for scope and focus.

Do you give to other charities beyond OU? Which ones and why? I do not give to specific charities beyond OU, but I do provide gifts for very specific situations. Many times when there is a donation request within my child’s school I will send in double that amount and ask the teacher to anonymously select a family who may be experiencing financial difficulty and let them know that a donation was made on their behalf. When there is a school fundraiser I will purchase one additional item from the sale and ask the teacher to gift it to a student who doesn’t get to participate or doesn’t get to purchase any items.

Why do you choose to participate in the All-University Fund Drive? Oakland University as an employer inspires me to give to the AUFD. I appreciate the opportunities that Oakland, my direct supervisor and my co-workers have given me these past 4 years. I feel supported and encouraged to continue to learn and grow professionally. I am proud to work at Oakland University for University Technology Services.

Amanda Fylan, assistant director, Alumni and Community Engagement

Have you ever set two friends on a date? What happened? I set my sister up with a former co-worker (an OU alum). They were both very hesitant to go on the date but they reminded me of each other and I knew it would work. They have been happily married for 12 years and have two little boys.

Do you have a workout routine? I love to swim and do so three to four times a week. I have an underwater iPod which keeps me motivated, on certain songs it becomes a hybrid of swimming and dancing. I am tracking my mileage with a goal of swimming the distance from my house in Oxford to Mackinac Island. currently I am floating in the Saginaw Bay.

Do you have any hidden talents? My hidden talent is working while I sleep. I am able to create a new idea, program or presentation from the concept stage to roll out all while sleeping. I would love to have nap time built into my work day because I am very productive when I sleep.

What fund are you directing your AUFD gift towards this year? I am supporting the OUAA Alumni Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund (#67688). I received scholarships when I attended college and am so grateful to the donors. Having scholarships allowed me to focus on my school work and get involved in campus life rather than having to work multiple jobs. I want to do the same for OU students.

The Alumni Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund has awarded more than $1 million in scholarships to qualified OU students through generous donations and revenue earned from OUAA events and programs. It is rewarding to meet the student recipients and know that I contributed a small part to their college success.

Do you give to other charities beyond OU? Which ones and why? I give to Top Dog Animal Rescue, my husband and I adopted our two cats, Siena and Shakespeare, from Top Dog. They took such great care of our cats before we found them and I am thankful for their services. I would be lost without my two furry friends.
Josephine Hairston, executive administrative manager, President's Office

Were you named after anyone? I was named after my father’s brother, Joseph. We have a ton of Joseph’s in the family, including one of my grandsons. For many years, I didn’t like my name because I didn’t know of hardly anyone who shared the name and I thought it was too long. I preferred being called “Jo.” I have grown to love my name not only because of its pronunciation, but also because of what it means “God will add/increase”.

If you were on a deserted island and could only take one thing, what would it be and why? I would take my entire family because they are the most important to me. I come from a very large, close-knit family. My mother had eight brothers and sisters and my father had 16. We celebrate holidays together, go on vacations together and just hang out together. Our celebrations and gatherings are filled with so much love and laughter that they have grown to include many others outside of our family. And it doesn’t have to be a holiday. We enjoy each other’s company and have always gotten together just because. We recently celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday and had over 130 family members and friends in attendance.

Why do you choose to participate in the All-University Fund Drive? I choose to participate because I believe in helping others who want to continue their education, but have endured hardships at some point in their life. So many of our students are unable to accomplish their dream of completing their education because of some tragedy or life changing event that has happened to them or a member of their family. When you listen to some of the heart wrenching stories, you are inspired to help in any way you can.

What fund are you directing your AUFD gift towards this year? The Women of OU Critical Difference Scholarship Fund. (#35008)

This fund helps individuals who are single heads of households and whose education has been interrupted at some point. Being a single head of household comes with its own set of challenges, and trying to finish your education without having the financial support needed makes it even more difficult and stressful. This scholarship helps to meet those needs and alleviates some of the stress these students encounter on the road to completing their degree.
Josephine Hairston  
Brittani Hobbs, communication coordinator, First Year Advising Center

On any normal day, what would you describe your vehicle's condition to be? I love my car! It is in really great condition and ideal for the summer because the entire roof opens and you can really enjoy life and the weather!

If you could be a living professional athlete or artist for a week who would you be and why? If I could be a living artist I would be Beyoncé. She always makes a connection with her fans and she has true talent. Not to mention, I love her fashion and style!

What or who inspires you to give to AUFD? That’s simple – the students and alumni. Donating to the All-University Fund Drive allows you to support the dreams of more than 20,000 students and 90,000 alumni.

Why do you choose to participate in the All-University Fund Drive? I choose to participate because I’m an alumnus and I love to give back to OU – a place that I called home for four years of my life. Oakland University really cares about their students and their success so if there is any way that I can support that, I am more than happy to. Young Alumni need to know that the institution they call their alma mater is behind them every step of the way – even after graduation.
Brittani Hobbs  
Gadis J. Dillon (Buck), professor of accounting

Do you have a workout routine? I try (and usually succeed) to get to the Rec Center early each morning (later on weekends). I use the elliptical trainer to keep my arthritic knees moving, and do a few more things before showering and coming to my office.

Were you named after anyone? Yes. I have a very unusual first name (Gadis). It was my grandfather’s name. I was fortunate to spend time with him when I was young. He was a good man who worked hard and cared for his family. I am proud to carry his name.

What fund are you directing your AUFD gift towards this year? I plan to create a new scholarship for students in my discipline. My intent is to honor student leadership.

Why do you choose to participate in the All-University Fund Drive? I have been at Oakland University for 27 years. I feel very loyal to OU, the SBA, and to my department. Oakland has given so much to me, I want to give back. 
 Gadis J. Dillon (Buck), professor of accounting
Shaun Moore, manager of support services, e Learning and Instructional Support (e-Lis)

Do you have any hidden talents? While studying abroad in 2003, with one of Oakland University’s life changing study-abroad programs I learned to speak French pretty fluently. I received enriching cultural and social experiences while living, studying and working side-by-side with the students, professors and local citizens. My studies took place at l’Université d'Orléans, in Orleans, France (located approximately one hour south of Paris by train). Learning to speak another language really opens doors to wonderful experiences in other countries and allows you to form bonds with people from cultures quite different from your own.

Please consider giving to the International Education Study Abroad Scholarship Fund ~ (Fund #31002) or one of the other International Studies Program scholarship funds to help out with life changing programs like this.

Have you ever won a trophy? In 2010, our geek rock band won first place in the Algonac Musicpalooza contest. Two of my colleagues from the e-Learning department and I are the members of the band. I play bass, and I’m joined by John Coughlin, lead singer and guitar, and Nic Bongers, guitar.

Are there any fellow music lovers out there? If so, consider helping future generations of geeks pursue their lifelong love of music or their passion for the performing arts. You can make a difference by donating to the MTD Music Gift Fund ~ (Fund # 30051) or one of the other Music Theatre and Dance gift funds:
MTD Dance Gift Fund ~ (Fund #30053)
MTD General Gift Fund ~ (Fund #30050)
MTD Theatre Gift Fund ~ (Fund #30052)
MTD Scholarship Gift Fund ~ (Fund #39862)

What or who inspires you to give to AUFD? I have been inspired to give to the All-University Fund Drive by my wife. She inspired me to be more giving, and she is one of the main reasons I started giving to the AUFD. She is a very compassionate and selfless person and she has opened my eyes to the benefits of giving.

Why do you choose to participate in the All-University Fund Drive? I choose to participate in the All-University Fund Drive because I want to give back to the university. I truly enjoy working here and studying here. I have obtained all of my degrees from OU, and I’m taking classes for my Ph.D. currently. This university is a second home to me, and giving back to it is the least I can do for what I’ve gained from it over the years.

Name one fund that you are most passionate about (or you would like others to know more about): Besides the funds mentioned above I am passionate about another gift fund: E-Learning Gift Fund ~(Fund #32498).

This fund not only supports a very hard working and understaffed e-Learning department, it helps all faculty, staff, and students giving and taking online courses. This fund allows us to purchase new hardware and software to support the online learning environment, and participate in professional development training to make us the best asset we can be for online and hybrid courses at OU!  
Shaun Moore 
Adriene Lim, dean, Kresge Library

Do you have any hidden talents? Many people don’t know this about me, but I have an educational background and training in studio arts. My claim to artistic fame, which was admittedly short-lived, is that I won a commission back in the mid 1990s to create a large painting for the Ilitches. The piece was displayed in the executive suites at Joe Louis Arena. A figure somewhat representative of Steve Yzerman was depicted as a “god” of sorts in the imagery. Detroiters do love the Red Wings!

Have you ever won a trophy? I was a dismal failure in all sports, so I have not ever won a sports trophy, but I did win a gold key in creative playwriting as a high school student, which may not be that impressive, except for the fact that I wrote the winning entry on brown paper bags in one sitting (it was the only paper I could find at home), and then typed it hurriedly in my typing class at Cass Tech High School to submit it by the deadline the next day. In its own "Les Miserablizing" fashion, it was called “The Unchaining,” and was about a fictional relationship between the French physician Philippe Pinel and a mentally ill patient.

Do you give to other charities beyond OU? I give to many other foundations and charities as I can. Most of them have to do with providing women and children with the chance to improve their lives and overcome social and economic adversities.

Why do you choose to participate in the All-University Fund Drive? I believe that I am privileged to work in public higher education, and want to give back to the institution that is helping me live my dreams as an educator.

Name one fund that you are most passionate about (or you would like others to know more about): This is a bit of a biased answer, but I like to support the Kresge Library(Fund #32498) because a gift to the Library serves all OU students, faculty, and staff. This fund is used to provide unrestricted support to address the immediate needs of the Kresge Library. It allows us to acquire new materials, resources, and technology to support the learning experiences of the entire campus community, and the research and teaching of faculty members. Academic libraries empower people and are the great equalizer in our community, so a gift to the Library is a gift that lasts!
Adriene Lim 

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Messages from your 2015 AUFD co-chairs

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Like so many of you, I’ve been richly rewarded by the opportunity to spend my life working in higher education. My own college education was financially supported by donors I will never know. So, it is my pleasure to join in the OU tradition of investing financially in our great University. Your contribution and mine can help build on the rich foundation of Matilda Dodge Wilson whose example of generosity inspires us all. 

In a poem written by Anne Campbell in honor of Matilda includes the lines, 

“To serve the poor and hopeless is her gift;

Courage, and the unselfish will to lift

The broken-hearted to felicity;

Her gentle patience, her warm sympathy;

These are her priceless treasures”

In following Mrs. Wilson’s example, we provide the opportunity for another generation of students to “aspire to rise."

Kevin Corcoran

Kevin Corcoran, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I joined Oakland University in the summer of 1987. Thus, OU, and especially the Accounting program, have been a very important part of my life for over 27 years.

I have always felt that learning does not end when a class session ends. Accordingly, I worked to provide professional development and maturity experiences for my students, in particular by supporting student professional organizations. I wanted to recognize the many students who have been so active in those organizations. That is why my wife and I endowed the Dillon Accounting Student Leadership Scholarship. 

I want to support OU and see it become ever more recognized as a truly high-quality educational institution. 

Buck Dillon

Buck Dillon
Professor of Accounting
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Oakland University has been my home away from home for the past 29 years. I have participated in the All-University Fund Drive from the beginning.

When I started at OU, I was introduced to the Women of Oakland by my best friend and coworker, Rose Smith. The Women of Oakland has several funds to choose from. Once of my favorites is the scholarship fund that is awarded yearly to women who are attending Oakland and pursing a degree to better themselves economically for their family. 

It doesn't matter how much I give. I give what I can afford and if a lot of us give a little, that little becomes a lot. 

Ellen Keaton

Ellen Keaton
Academic Records Coordinator, Office of the Registrar
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I give back to Oakland University for a couple different reasons. First of all, my wife, who is also an OU employee, has inspired me to be more giving. She is a very compassionate and selfless person and has opened my eyes to the benefits of philanthropy.

Secondly, I truly enjoy working and studying here. I have obtained all of my degrees from OU, and I recently finished my coursework for my Ph.D. program. This university is a second home to me, and giving back is the least I can do for all I've gained over the years.

Shaun Moore
Shaun Moore
Manager of Support Services, E-Learning and Instructional Support
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As a Golden Grizzly who is becoming a Grey Grizzly, I have a special message for fellow retirees. Consider what a bleak setting this would be without Oakland University's art exhibits, poetry readings, athletic events, recitals, concerts and learned lectures; without its fine library (with its amazing number of services) all available to nurture our souls and minds; or without the fabulous Recreation Center to keep us strong and agile.

Those of us who are retired must not take this bounty for granted, but instead it should inspire us to contribute to the All University Fund Drive.

Please contribute to the All-University Fund Drive because together we can provide the financial support that these programs and our students need.

Judy Brown
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Each year employees and retirees have the opportunity to make a gift to Oakland University. As a retiree of the University I look forward to this opportunity because we can designate our gift to the programs we care most about and know there is a 50% match available to increase the impact of our support. Most importantly, it makes a statement that we care about the university.

Depending on personal circumstances the amount of each gift will vary, but it is vital that all of us show support during the AUFD. With reduced state support, it is essential for the university to increase donations and we can all help in that endeavor.

I encourage all faculty and staff to contribute to the AUFD and support the area that matters most to you.

Pat Nicosia

Pat Nicosia
Retired Director, Budget and Financial Planning

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