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New Product Setup Form

Units requesting course or event registration should now use the CE and Enrichment Request form in the UTS forms menu.

Otherwise, this Product Setup Form is required for all products to be put into MarketPlace.

Please allow up to two weeks for the approval process to be completed.  Someone from Student Business Services will contact you within two business days of your submitted request to give you information about the status of your request.

Contact for more information.

Department Contact Information

Contact Person

Full name of the person Student Business Services should contact about this request.

Telephone Number / OU Extension
Oakland E-mail Address

General Product Information

MarketPlace Store Name

Name of the store in which the new product should appear. If a new store needs to be created, please fill out the store request form prior to completing to this form.

Product name

Name of product to be added to MarketPlace. Only one product per form.

Store Category

The existing or new store category in which the product should appear (if applicable).

Friendly URL used in communications to access the product .


Product Active Date

Date that the product should first appear in the MarketPlace store for shoppers to see. Please leave this blank for asap active date.

Product Disable Date

Date that the product should be taken out of MarketPlace for shoppers to no longer see. (If not applicable please explain.)

Fund # for revenue

Required 5 digit fund # (12345)

Account # for revenue

Required 4 digit account # (X000)

Product Price
Accepted payment method(s)

Credit Cards: Departments are responsible for payment of discount fees of approximately 2% per transaction.
ACH: Departments are responsible for collecting or covering $25 charges on payments that are rejected by the bank.

Type of MarketPlace product request?

Additional Information

Product Description (URL to Web page is preferred)
Product or Event?
If special authorization is required to purchase this product or event then please explain below.
If you would like to have a promo code for your product or event then please include the code and what you would like it to do below.
Limit quantity per person?

For most events this should be yes. For products that will be shipped this should usually be no.

What modifiers would you like to collect?

eg. First Name, Last Name, Telephone Number, etc.

Any additional comments or information?
*Security Code: