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Social Work Application Essay

Attach a double-spaced, three to four page statement discussing the following questions. Please use 12 point font. It is highly encouraged students use headings for each question. Please respond to all questions.

Why did you become interested in social work?

What do you consider your limitations in relation to your development as a social worker?

What are the goals you have developed for a career in social work?

Describe one social problem of particular concern to you? Why? Examples of social problems include poverty, homelessness, school violence, LGBTQ equality, human trafficking, or domestic violence).  You do not need to choose one of these examples, but choose a social problem of particular concern for you.

Please describe one example of your efforts to help others. Reflect on this example, and  describe the role that best fits the role of a social worker (Broker, Advocate, Change Agent, Counselor, Researcher, Case Manager, Educator, Facilitator, Organizer, Manager) Click  “role of a social worker ” definitions.

Please give a specific example of your experience with a diverse group other than your own. Such population groups include, but are not limited to, groups distinguished by race, ethnicity, age, culture, class, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, physical or developmental ability/disability.

Describe a situation where you were involved that you considered unjust and what action(s) you took as a result. Reflect and describe your personal values and social work values that were considered? What might you do differently, if anything, if a similar situation occurs in the future? 

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Attach your Personal Statement.
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