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Social Work Application Essay

Attach a double-spaced, typewritten, or word-processed two to four page statement discussing the following questions. Please note that all questions must be answered in order for your application to be considered for admission.

1. How and why did you become interested in social work? Please include personal experiences such as volunteer work, involvement in political or social action efforts, or anything else that influenced your choice of social work.

2. What do you consider your personal strengths and limitations in relation to your development as a social worker?

3. What are the goals you have developed for a career in social work?

4. What social problems are of particular concern to you? Why?

5. Please describe at least one example of your efforts to help others and to influence societal change.

6.The OU Social Work Program has adopted diversity as the signature theme for our program. This means that the curriculum must include content about knowledge, attitudes, and skills that will enable students to serve diverse populations. Such population groups include, but are not limited to, groups distinguished by race, color, ethnicity, culture, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical ability/disability, mental ability/disability, age, and national origin. Please give a specific example of your experience with a diverse group other than your own. Indicate how this experience may influence your ability to practice as a social worker.

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Attach your Personal Statement.
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