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2012 Graduate Research Symposium Presenter Information

Submitting your paper/presentation is a two-step process.

1. Fill out the form. Please fill out the form below carefully. The information collected here will be used to update the symposium website and used in creating the program booklets. If you are presenting as a group, please have one member of the group fill out this form with the information for all group members. This person should be someone who is easily available for contact, in case anyone has questions about your research.

2. Email your presentation materials. Papers (PDFs are preferred) PowerPoint slides, Prezis, etc., should be emailed to Dr. Pickard: If you have questions, please email Dr. Pickard, or call her: (248) 370-3048. Please send your materials as soon as possible.

Are you in an online cohort?
Presenter 1 Name

Please enter your name as you would like it to appear on the symposium website and program booklet. When you complete this question, you will have the opportunity to add names and information of any additional presenters.

Presenter 1 Employer/School District

Please give us the name of your employer.

Presenter 1 Short Biography

Please submit a short biography of three sentences or less.

Presenter 1 Email Address

Please enter your email address.

Presenter 1 Email - Permission

Do you give permission to list your email address in the symposium program booklet and on the symposium website?

Do you have additional presenters?

If you are presenting as a group, please submit information for the additional group members.

Presentation Title

Please enter the complete title of your presentation exactly as you would like it to appear on the symposium website and program booklet.


Please paste the text of your abstract into the text box below.

Thank you for completing the form. Please don't forget to email your presentation materials to Dr. Pickard as soon as possible. You can reach her at: or (248) 370-3048.