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[OPI] Oral Proficiency Interview Information and Registration

Recommendations for preparation for the OPI:

  1. Students are reminded that competence in the language is not simply a matter of sitting in classes and therefore students are expected to be proactive in finding meaningful ways to improve their skills outside of classes on a regular basis.

  2. For further information about the OPI, please visit:

  3. Research at the Foreign Service Institute documented that motivated adult language learners typically required at least 240 hours of intensive language instruction to move their OPI ratings from Intermediate-High to Advanced-Low. [Liskin-Gasparro, J.E. (1982). ETS Oral Proficiency Testing Manual. Princeton, N.J. Educational Testing Service.]

  4. Students are urged to spend at least one semester in a country in which the target language is spoken, such as participation in a structured study abroad program.

NON-OFFICIAL OPI (Oral Proficiency Interview) policies and procedures

  1. This service is provided free of charge to Oakland University students only.

  2. There are three dates in the academic year to do the interview (below). The average time of an interview is 15-30 minutes. Please plan accordingly.

  3. The student must register at least three weeks prior to each of the dates designated for the interviews. For example, if the date the student wants to register for is September 17, then the student must register no later than 27 of August.

  4. In order to register, please, fill out all the fields in the registration form below.

  5. Students can only register for one interview at a time. For example, to register for a second interview, the student must have done the first interview prior to the second registration.

  6. Anyone requiring a retest must wait 90 days before retaking it. Please plan accordingly.

  7. The interviewers are ACTFL/OPI trained but not certified. If the student needs a certified result, then he or she must contact ACTFL. This is a non-official OPI, the interviewers are ACTFL trained but not certified. 

  8. The average waiting period for the result of the OPI is two weeks. The students shall be notified via email and, if they request it, they can pick up the document with the result in the Office of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, O’Dowd, 372.

Please, fill out each field as indicated in the form.

Please, select a date for your exam. The exam takes 15 minutes to complete, but we cannot confirm the exact time for the exam until a week before the exam.

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