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August 21, 2014 - NOW ON DISPLAY IN THE ERL

Have You Read a Good Movie Lately?  
Featured in this display are children's & young adult books that have been adapted into a motion picture.  How many have you read?  How many have you watched?
Here's an idea... Have your group read the book, watch the movie and compare/contrast!

Summer, 2014 SMART Boards, iPads, Prezi & more....

We offer tutorials, workshops and on the spot training.  Did you know we had a SMART Board  for students to familiarize themselves and practice on?  Did you know you can reserve a room to practice with the SMART Board yourself?  Did you know you can book a one-on-one training session with our SMART Certified ERL tech support?   Did you know you can request a topic for a future workshop?   We are listening to our students and here to support you!  

For more information, to book a session or submit a request, please contact ERL Tech Coordinator Julie Chapie at (248) 370-3639 or email at

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