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Erdös1 Update File

This is the list of additions and corrections to the Erdos1 list. They will be incorporated into all the lists at the next update, probably around 2020. We need the cooperation of the mathematical community to keep these data as accurate as possible, so please notify us of any errors or collaborations we have missed. The only thing you shouldn’t tell us about is a recent publication that will soon be listed on MathSciNet (Mathematical Reviews), since we’ll be sure to catch it at the next update anyway. (Click here for more information about the American Mathematical Society’s Mathematical Reviews.)

  • Add deceased asterisk to GRUBER, PETER; MARCUS, SOLOMON; and NEVEU, JACQUES. 
  • Add Wei, Victor Keh-Wei to SOS, VERA TURAN.
  • Add Mulcahy, Colm to CALKIN, NEIL JAMES.
  • A. J. Depew is Alan.
  • F. E. Higgins is Frank.
  • J. A. Schatz is Joseph Arthur.
  • D. A. Snyder is Derek.
  • Add Merrill, Samuel, III to FISHBURN, PETER C.
  • Add Rosenstiehl, Pierre to PACH, JANOS.
  • Add Mainieri, Ronnie to KOHAYAKAWA.
  • Add Valim, Henrique and Clemens, Molly to HSU, DERBIAU FRANK.
  • Add Leitold, Adrien and Berces, Marton and Keri, Gerzson and Ludanyi, Zoltan and Revesz, Peter Z. and Acs, Bernadett and Drgas-Burchardt, Ewa and Kowalska, Kamila and Levin, Asaf and Michael, Jerzy and Tuza, Zoltan Andras to TUZA, ZSOLT.
  • Change Camacho, Stephan Matos to Matos Camacho, Stephan.
  • Megalakaki's first name is Olga.
  • A. B. Nagy's first name is Adam.
  • Change Devos, Matt to DeVos, Matthew.
  • Add Clive C. Wittaker, Mark O. Mundt, David J. Balding, Raymond L. Stallings, and S. W. White to FABER, VANCE.
  • Add BUTLER, STEVEN KAY as a new Erdös coauthor, along with his several dozen coauthors.
  • Add Mathieu Martin and Zephirin Nganmeni to CRAIG TOVEY.
  • Add Garth Alliston Vanstone to MULLIN's list of coauthors.
  • Give middle name Calvin to Paul C. Shields.
  • Daniel M. Gordon's coauthors KOREN and SILBERMAN should be Dan Gordon's coauthors, and Dan Gordon's coauthors HARARY and POMERANCE should be Daniel M. Gordon's coauthors.

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