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Andrea Eis


528 O'Dowd Hall
(248) 370-2987

Associate Professor of Cinema Studies 
Coordinator of Film Production, Cinema Studies

MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art, 1982, Photography
BFA, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, 1980, Film, Photography, and Video
BA, Beloit College, 1974, Classics and Anthropology

Major Fields:

  • Film Production
  • Film and the Visual Arts
  • Avant-Garde and New Wave Cinema
  • Photography/Installation Art

Book Chapters:

 “Contemporary Art and the Past: Repetition or Rhyme,” The Visual and Performing Arts: An Anthology. Ed. Steven Andrew Arbury. Athens, Greece: Athens Institute for Research and Education, 2012

 “From Ancient Subtext to Modern Context: An Artist Re-Visions the Art Historical,” From the Remote to the Recent Past. Eds. Kenneth E. Hendrickson, Nicholas C. J. Pappas. Athens, Greece: Athens Institute for Research and Education, 2008

Recent Articles:

 “Silent Conversations: A Labyrinth of Artistic Research and Practice,” International Journal of Education & the Arts 14 (2013)

 “An Entanglement: Ancient Texts, Old Marginalia, and Contemporary Art,” Oakland Journal 22 (Fall 2012)

Selected Exhibitions:

Silent Conversations, Grace Teshima Gallery, Paris, France (solo)

Library Thoughts 2, Pen Club Galllery, Budapest, Hungary

Fears and Phobias, The Target Gallery, Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, Virginia

Behind the Mask: Women, Men and Masculinities, University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, Michigan and University of Windsor, Windsor, Canada



Library Thoughts, Raday Könyveshav & Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

An International Exchange Project, Photography Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki, Finland; Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing, China; Gallery 44, Toronto, Canada

Inside Outside, GoggleWorks Center for the Arts, Reading, Pennsylvania

Gender Matters/Matters of Gender, Freedman Gallery, Reading, Pennsylvania



Wordage, Detroit Artists Market, Detroit, Michigan

Gendered Space/s, University of Detroit Mercy, Detroit, Michigan

Mind, Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, Michigan

In Spite of the Evidence, Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, Michigan



Symbolic City, Songjiang Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Paradigm Shift, MCAD Gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota



A Tangible Past, International Center for Hellenic and Mediterranean Studies, Athens, Greece (solo)

Andres Serrano Picks Detroit, Center Galleries, Detroit, Michigan

Embodiment: Gender + Culture + Action, University of Detroit, Mercy, Detroit, Michigan

Detroit@00:00:55: This Time It’s Personal, Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan