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Town Hall

On Monday, Oct. 28, 2013, Oakland University hosted town hall meetings in order to gather additional insight on how to maintain and enhance a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment for all.

The meetings followed distribution, collection and analysis of surveys that assessed various perceptions of social, professional and academic settings at Oakland. The results of this climate study revealed valuable information that along with town hall meeting discourse and other information will be used to create short- and long-term strategies to enrich university culture.

Both an executive summary and full reports detailing climate survey findings are available on the OU Climate Survey page of this website.

Town Hall Participant Questions and Answers

In addition to a number of pre-prepared questions asked of and answered by Town Hall participants, many of those present developed their own questions and possible responses based upon the OU Climate Survey findings. This process yielded great audience participation and interest. In addition, it support the general findings of the survey.

Because time was limited, not all of the questions developed during the Town Hall could be displayed and answer. As such, a follow-up inquiry using Survey Monkey was conducted and more than 50 percent of Town Hall participants responded. Responses to the Survey Monkey questionnaire are documented below.