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There are no current course offerings with the OU Lean Diversification Program.
Please contact Joan Carleton at (586) 884-9324 or for inquiries and information.

The OU Lean Diversification Program educates key personnel about Lean principles to make organizations ready for diversification. The program stresses a mindset of continuous improvement through perspectives, tools and Lean thinking, with respect for the roles of people throughout an organization.

Led by industry experts, learn the techniques necessary to make strategic decisions about diversification and, most importantly, develop employees to be key contributors and analytical thinkers in growth strategies. This training program can help leadership and staff learn to improve and align processes through problem solving techniques while effectively using resources.

The Lean philosophy focuses on developing excellence and innovation by identifying what is of highest value to stakeholders and customers, and then allocating resources to achieve these goals while eliminating waste. Lean learning guides organizations toward a new way of thinking, including:
  • Streamlining processes
  • Eliminating waste
  • Maximizing success
  • Developing employees
  • Impacting financial measures
  • Improving customer satisfaction and value
Black Belt is beneficial for leaders at any level of an organization who would be leading a culture change. Upon completion, participants are able to work independently on Lean projects and analyze and resolve a wide array of business concerns within their organization.

Green Belt
is the perfect level of knowledge for a senior leader to have, granting him or her the ability to speak the language and recommend ideas for culture change. Plan to be able to apply Lean principles to focused areas of the business and to tackle targeted concerns within a company's value stream or operations.

Startup Lean is designed to help startups get off on the right foot by learning how to use valuable Lean principles to be as efficient, creative and successful as possible from day one to full business maturity.

For more information on the OU Lean Diversification Program, contact the Macomb-OU INCubator at (586) 884-9320 or