The CSITS will provide AV/IT equipment and materials to support academic programs contingent on available resources. Services to nonacademic programs are available after all academic needs are satisfied. University departments may borrow equipment and material items by utilizing CSITS' distribution system or by personally checking them out. All materials and/or equipment picked-up by users at the CSITS Help Desk ("Will-Calls") must also be returned by the user. CSITS will charge a pick-up fee if materials and/or equipment are not returned as required.

Users not able to return equipment or materials on the specified date must notify CSITS and receive permission to extend the loan. An extension request may be refused due to prior scheduling. In this case, materials must be returned on time.

Student operators are not provided for general classroom needs. Student operators may be provided for special programs at an extra charge.



Liability for CSITS inventoried equipment/materials use is determined as follows:

Classroom Deliveries: CSITS is responsible for the delivery and return of all AV/IT equipment and materials to General Purpose Classrooms. Repairs or replacement of AV/IT equipment or materials needed due to normal use will be the responsibility of CSITS. Where negligence by the user is found, the user's department will be charged for the costs of repair or replacement.

Office/Secured-area Deliveries: Once CSITS has delivered AV/IT equipment to secured offices, labs, or classrooms where the space is designated to a specific department, it becomes that department's responsibility for safekeeping. Repairs or replacement needed as a result of damage or theft while in a department's possession will be charged back to that department.

Will-Calls (equipment picked up by individuals): As soon as AV/IT equipment or material is issued at the CSITS Help Desk, it becomes the responsibility of the user for its safekeeping and return in the same condition as received. Repairs or replacement needed as a result of use outside of normal activity while in an individual's possession will be charged back to the requesting department for university related programs or to the individual for non-university programs.

Work Orders: CSITS accepts work orders via Footprints only; work orders are no longer being taken by telephone, fax, inter-office mail, or otherwise. Please see the "Using Footprints" menu item from the navigation at left if not familiar with the ticketing system, or go directly to Footprints here.

Lead time: All orders must be in the CSITS office before 1 p.m. the business day before the scheduled use date (e.g., by 1 p.m. Friday for any Monday class). Contrary to popular belief, 24 hours before does not always satisfy this requirement. For example, delivering the equipment request to CSITS at 5 p.m. on Monday is too late for any Tuesday class, including the 6:30 p.m. classes.

Changes made to a work/equipment request must fall within the lead time (1 p.m. the business day before you need it delivered). The lead time is necessary in order to schedule and secure all delivery resources. Changes (except cancellations) are considered new orders and will be accommodated as available.

If you have any questions please call Classroom Support at (248)370-2461