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Student Organization Policies

& Recognition

All student organizations must register/ re-register with the Center for Student Activities by the beginning of each fall semester on GrizzOrgs.  This process provides the CSA Office with officer and advisor contact information.

Each organization is responsible for making sure that the records in the CSA are kept updated.  This includes informing the CSA about any changes in contact information, officers, advisors, or organization essentials (such as statement of purpose or constitution).   Until the records are updated, the previous officer may still be held responsible for actions of the organization.  The Center for Student Activities recommends that a current constitution or complete statement of organization on file providing a description of the organization, its goals and purpose, officer duties, and examples of programs sponsored or to be sponsored by the organization.

Organizations must retain and demonstrate membership of at least four currently registered OU students at all times for recognition from the Center for Student Activities.  The registration process requires the identification of four officers for this reason.

NOTE: OU faculty and staff members, recognized campus ministers, and fraternity/sorority advisers can only advise up to three organizations concurrently.


In order to be recognized by the university, the organization must meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of four currently registered Oakland University students are required to start and maintain an organization.
  • Only currently registered Oakland University students may hold offices or other leadership positions in the organization.
  • Students may only serve as an officer of two organizations. They should not hold the same position in more than one.
  • More than 80% of the organization’s membership must consist of currently registered Oakland University students. Those members must register on GrizzOrgs.
  • All student organizations officers must hold at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA.
  • A current Oakland University faculty or professional staff member must serve as an advisor to the organization (except for bonafide campus ministers and Greek organization advisers).
  • A returning student organization must register every fall semester.  A new student organization may register at any time.  
  • Student organization cannot share the same mission statement, purpose, or officers with another student organization.  
  • The president and treasurer of the organization must attend a mandatory Student Organization Officer Training Workshop once an academic year.
In accordance with university policies and procedures, the privileges of recognition/registration include:
  1. Eligibility to apply for funding through Student Activities Funding Board (SAFB) in accordance with SAFB guidelines
  2. Eligibility to use the university’s name following the organization’s name (for example: The Tree Club at Oakland University is acceptable; Oakland University Tree Club is not acceptable)
  3. Eligibility to reserve university facilities
  4. Eligibility to have direct access to university personnel and programming resources
  5. Eligibility to be considered for campus awards and recognition
  6. Eligibility to participate in campus leadership development programs----
  7. Mailbox in the CSA
  8. Eligibility to obtain storage space in the CSA Office
  9. Other benefits consistent with those afforded to similar student groups
Responsibilities of Recognition

Recognized organizations will be held accountable for fulfilling their educational responsibilities and for maintaining appropriate standards of behavior.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Ensuring non-discrimination in membership and programming
  2. Abiding by the financial agreement
  3. Maintaining minimum levels of membership (four currently registered OU students)
  4. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records with the university
  5. Maintaining accurate information on GrizzOrgs
  6. Keeping detailed records of all fundraising, allocations, other deposits and expenditures for all organization accounts; as well as maintaining the fiscal solvency of the organization.
  7. Awareness of the financial status of the organization in conjunction with the financial responsibility agreement signed by the officers of the organization
  8. Maintaining accountability for the actions of the membership of the organization
  9. Abiding by university policies and procedures, as well as local, state, and federal laws
  10. Refraining from all activities associated with hazing and use of alcohol and drugs
  11. Refraining from advising or misleading third parties into believing that members are agents of the university
  12. Notifying the CSA Office of officer changes throughout the year
  13. Ensuring that all officers remain in good disciplinary and academic standing (a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher)
  14. Other responsibilities consistent with those expected of similar student groups

Starting a New Student Organization
If you are interested in starting a new student organization, you must abide by the following steps:

  1. Register your organization on GrizzOrgs (please note, the organization may not have the same mission/vision as an already established organization)
  2. Follow the Recognition Guidelines listed above (remember- complete registration must include four registered Oakland University students, one on campus adviser, and a statement of purpose and/or constitution for the organization.)
  3. Have the president and treasurer attend a Student Organization Training (visit GrizzOrgs for the next training date)


Starting a Club Sport
If you are interested in starting a Club Sport, or if you are not sure your organization fits into the club sport category, please consider the following factors:

  1. Are there advancement opportunities, or skill level capabilities, within this activity?

  2. Does this activity involve physical activity?

  3. Is there a competition component to this activity, and a governing body?

  4.  Is the use of athletic facilities (either indoor or outdoor) a primary need for this activity?

Not all factors have to be specifically met for it to be determined if your student group should be classified as a Club Sport, nor does meeting one of the factors automatically make your group a Club Sport.  Ultimate classification will be determined by Gabby Sokol in the Club Sports Office and by Allison Webster in the Center for Student Activities Office. For additional information on Club Sports please visit http://www.oakland.edu/clubsports.

Student organization violations will be addressed through the CSA. All university ordinance violations will be addressed by the Dean of Students Office and adhere to the student judicial system.

Complaint: A complaint of misconduct includes specific allegations or charges.  Any faculty, staff or student who is aware of possible student organization misconduct is requested to report the alleged violation to the Center for Student Activities and Leadership Development (CSA).

Interview:  Upon receipt of a complaint or report of alleged student organization misconduct, the accused organization shall meet with an Assistant Director of Student Organization Programs for an interview to determine if a university hearing is required.  The accused organization may have an adviser who must be a member of the Oakland University community present at the interview and shall be informed of the alleged violation(s) and the student organizations rights.  If an organization accepts responsibility, a Student Organization Administrative Hearing takes place.  If an organization does not accept responsibility, the organization will go to the University Conduct Committee for a hearing.

Notice: Upon determination of the need for a University Conduct Committee hearing, the accused organization will receive written notification.  Written notice includes a statement of alleged misconduct with sufficient particulars to enable the accused organization to prepare their defense, the date, time and place of any hearing, and the witnesses who are scheduled to appear at the hearing.  Normally, notice is provided at least 72 hours in advance of any hearing.

Imminent Danger/Summary Suspension:  Sometimes a situation occurs when the nature of the allegations brings into reasonable question the prudence of permitting a student organization to continue status prior to a formal hearing.  In any such instance, the Dean of Students may temporarily suspend a student organization prior to formal adjudication of the case.  Judicial procedures will be implemented to address the conduct in question.

Hearing:  The University Conduct Committee (UCC) is comprised of five members, representing faculty, staff and students.  The UCC includes two students and three faculty and staff.  A faculty member or staff member will chair the UCC.  A non-voting representative of the Center for Student Activities and Leadership Development Office will also be present at the hearing.  The hearing is tape recorded to provide a record in the event of an appeal.

Disciplinary Findings: After the hearing, the student or Greek organization will be informed of the findings of the committee.  The findings may include:
  1. Not responsible: No misconduct has been proven.
  2. Responsible: The student organization was proven responsible for the alleged misconduct by a preponderance of the evidence, or accepted responsibility for the charges.
Sanctions:  If a student organization is found to be responsible for misconduct, the following sanctions may be imposed singly or in combination. (Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of sanctions. The committee may choose to impose an appropriate sanction not listed below.) The sanction(s) imposed will be commensurate with the offending conduct, and may take into account the Student organizations previous judicial record.
  1. Disciplinary Reprimand. A written reprimand which expresses university dissatisfaction with the student or Greek organizations conduct and which clarifies expected behavior in the future.
  2. Disciplinary Probation. Written notification that any further violations within the probationary period shall result in more severe disciplinary action.  The probationary period will be for a specific period of time or until the completion of any specified requirements or conditions that are a part of the probation.  The organization remains registered during periods of disciplinary probation.
  3. Deferred Disciplinary Suspension.  The student organization remains registered; however, any violation of conduct regulations during the period of deferred suspension will, after a determination of responsibility, result in disciplinary suspension.
  4. Disciplinary Suspension.  A decision which removes the student organization from the university for a specified period of time, usually no more than two years.  The suspension might be immediate or being after the end of the semester.  In either case, the Student organization is eligible for consideration and may register their organization with the Center for Student Activities and Leadership Development at the end of the specified period.
  5. Disciplinary Expulsion.  A decision that removes the student organization permanently from the university.  
  6. Other Sanctions.
  7. Fines.  Established and published fines may be imposed.
Notification of Findings: The student will receive from the Director of the Center for Student Activities and Leadership Development or his/her designee written notification of the decision.  The written decision of the UCC and the sanction assigned shall be final unless an appeal is initiated. The sanction may be immediately implemented.  The university reserves the right to notify the victim of the disciplinary outcome.

Appeals: The written notification of the findings will include the appeal procedures for the UCC.  Student organizations will normally have ten working days from the date the written notification is sent to submit a written appeal. Appeals must be based on significant new evidence , which was not available during the hearing and/or procedural error that significantly affected the outcome of the case .

Appeals for the UCC are processed through the Dean of Students.  The Dean of Students may affirm the decision and sanction, affirm the decision and modify the sanction, reverse the decision, or return the case to the UCC for further consideration or rehearing.  The decision of the Dean of Students is final.
Finals Event/Meeting Policy
Student organizations cannot schedule programs, activities, events and meetings during the study period or during/after final exams.

Food Service
There can be no food brought into the Oakland Center.  All food service in the Oakland Center and Vandenberg Hall must be ordered through Chartwells.  Food orders may be placed through the Chartwells Catering Office, 121 OC, x3400.  This includes food for events and general organizational meetings. For further information see http://www.dineoncampus.com/oakland/
NOTE:  If your organization brings food into the Oakland Center from outside vendors without the approval of Chartwells, no reimbursements will be made. In addition, your organization may face consequences from Chartwells, the Oakland Center, and/or the Center for Student Activities including, but not limited to, a loss of building privileges, funding privileges, account use, and recognition.

If you are holding your event outside of the OC, you may use alternate food service providers.  A current certificate of liability insurance is required from the vendor to order the food service. A completed W-9 form is required to pay the vendor. Also required is a copy of the event flyer and a list containing the names of your student organization members attending the event.

Always check your Chartwell’s quote/order sheet and the account number to ensure they are correct.  You can email catering@oakland.edu for more information on Chartwells and catering.


Pepsi is the exclusive beverage supplier for Oakland University. According to OU's agreement with Pepsi, products manufactured by Pepsi are to be the only beverage products of their respective types sold, distributed, advertised, displayed, sampled, or otherwise made available on OU's campus. This means that even when it comes to reimbursements, you must purchase Pepsi products either directly from Pepsi or from a vendor who sells Pepsi products.

Aquafina is Pepsi's bottled water brand. For a comprehensive look at all of Pepsi's beverage brands, please visit their website here.

Student organizations wishing to show films that will be advertised to the university community and shown in a public location must purchase the rights for a public showing through the CSA.  Purchasing the rights to the film allows you to show the movie to a large, public audience without violating federal law.  The cost for films varies, depending on the availability and type of film.  Contact the Director of the CSA Office to obtain the public performance rights and book a film.

Games of Chance/Poker
Bingo, casino parties, charity games, poker and raffles are considered forms of gambling in the State of Michigan, and as such, are illegal for all organizations and individuals except as authorized by law.  State law provides that Michigan colleges and universities may conduct certain games of chance under specific circumstances.  Games must:
  • be held for the direct institutional benefit of the university or its activities,
  • be in compliance with State law and the Bureau of State Lottery, and
  • follow University Policies Procedures

Any organization, wishing to sponsor a game of chance (i.e., raffle) on OU’s campus must contact the Director of the Center for Student Activities. The request is reviewed by the Director of the Center for Student Activities, in consultation with the Vice Presidents for Student Affairs and Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations.  If approved by the Vice Presidents, State-licensing requests must be prepared and submitted through the Division of University Relations.  Most games of chance require a State licensing or registration fee.

Games of skill (i.e., guess the number of M &M’s in a jar) do not require State licensing or registration.  Raffles are considered games of chance, not games of skill.  50/50 Raffles for $100 or less when all tickets are sold at a single gathering and the drawing is conducted at the same gathering does not require a State license or registration.  All raffles, regardless of prize amount, must have university approval. For further information and approval for games of chance and games of skill, contact the Director of the Center for Student Activities.

Hazing Policy
Hazing is defined as any action taken or situation related to organizational membership that produces mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment or ridicule, or any activity that threatens or endangers the life or safety of an individual. All forms of hazing are strictly prohibited at Oakland University and against the law in the state of Michigan (Act 328 of 1931, Section 750.411t  can be found at http://www.stophazing.org/michigan/.
Such activities and situations may include, but are not limited to, the following:
a. disfiguration to include branding or self-mutilation
b. paddling in any form
c. creation of excessive fatigue
d. activities such as quests, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, road trips, etc., that are conducted in an illegal, demeaning or dangerous manner
e. Public wearing of apparel that is conspicuous and not normally in good taste
f. engaging in public stunts and buffoonery
g. morally degrading or humiliating games and activities
h. any activities that interfere with class attendance, class preparation or scholastic activities, or activities that are disruptive to any university department or office or classroom
i. verbal abuse that leads to public embarrassment or humiliation
j. implication that an act of hazing could be preinitiatory
k. any other activities that are not consistent with fraternal law, ritual or policy, or the policies and regulations of Oakland University
2. If members of an outside, non-Oakland University chapter or organization initiate a hazing incident on Oakland University's campus or against an Oakland University student or recruit, the Oakland University organization or chapter will be held responsible

3. Any student organization or Greek organization accused of hazing shall be referred to the CSA and charged under the terms and conditions of the Judicial Procedures as stated in this handbook. Individual members of such organizations shall be referred to the Dean of Students and charged under the terms of the Oakland University Code of Conduct and judicial system.
Off Campus Events
Proposals for off-campus events may be considered on a case-by-case basis in the event that adequate venues or services are not available on campus. Off-campus events at which alcoholic beverages will be present will not be approved.  If alcoholic beverages are later discovered to have been present, the approval is thereby revoked and the organization and its members will face financial and disciplinary consequences accordingly.  SAFB funds cannot be used towards restaurant trips.

To attend events off campus (such as Whirly ball, Laser tag, etc.), it is necessary to have gained authorization to travel from appropriate university officials. In addition, the vendor’s current certificate of liability insurance must be submitted to the CSA for each event before approval will be considered.  The Oakland University name cannot be attached to events at stand-alone bars or clubs

Reimbursements for off campus events must include an itemized receipt and a list of members that attended the event.  The total on the receipt cannot exceed $200 and there can only be one receipt per store (or chain) per day.  No reimbursements will be given if alcohol, tobacco, or tobacco products are on the receipt.

Only one (1) bonfire will be approved per day.  Bonfire requests should be submitted in advance to reserve the space and will take a minimum of 5 business days to process.  However, the Fire Marshall will not approve bonfires more than one to two weeks prior to the event.  You will be notified if your date is not able to be reserved.  Otherwise assume your space is reserved and pending Fire Marshall approval no more than two weeks prior.  Also understand that the Fire Marshall reserves the right to cancel bonfires at any time (even day of event) due to weather conditions.

Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Your organization is responsible for cleaning up after your event and for any damages incurred during your event. You must provide your own firewood.  Wood cannot be used from the property of Oakland University.  All wood must be removed from the site at the end of the event.  Charcoal cannot be used. The bonfire must be completely extinguished by water at the completion of the event.  Water is available at the site for use in putting out the fire.

The bonfire pit located by the P11 parking lot and the Recreation and Athletic Outdoor Complex (RAOC) is now re-opened.  For the safety of the participants, be sure they are familiar with the area surrounding the Bonfire Pit. No vehicles can be driven on the upper fields or bonfire pit area at any time.

Unauthorized Activities and Equipment
Cooking, grilling and the use of unapproved cooking appliances are prohibited except in areas designated for such use or with the written approval of the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Use of any unauthorized electrical equipment (i.e. space heaters, hot plates, grills) is prohibited. Open burning, flames and burning of candles or combustibles are prohibited.


Alcohol, Tobacco & Drugs
No alcohol or drugs are permitted at any student organization event or activity. The only exception to this rule is the university-sanctioned BYOB tailgates during WOCOU and Homecoming. Trip supervisors may prohibit the participation of individuals showing signs of intoxication or other inappropriate behavior from any or all activities over the duration of the trip.  The Oakland University name cannot be attached to events held at stand-alone bars or clubs for any purpose. University funds cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco, or any associated products.  Student organizations cannot have alcohol at their events in the Banquet Rooms of the Oakland Center. In addition, all events must follow the university’s Administrative Policies & Procedures Section 400: Unlawful Use of Alcoholic Beverages.

Date auctions are not allowed at Oakland University.  The auctioning off of people can offend or hurt individuals and/or groups.  Date auctions can appear to be both racial and gender insensitive, not to mention a possible health and safety violation.  Date auctions do not adhere to the mission of Oakland University and are not permitted or recognized.  If your student organization would like to hold an auction, silent and live auctioning of items, are permitted, such as tickets to a sporting event, dinner/theater tickets, etc. Please contact the Director of the Center for Student Activities for approval.

All contracts must be processed and negotiated through the Center for Student Activities.  Individuals and/or student organizations may not sign any contracts for services or goods with an individual or a company on behalf of Oakland University. It is recommended that all contracts are turned into the CSA one month prior to the event. There is still no guarantee that the check will be prepared prior to the event.  If this occurs, the performer will be mailed payment unless otherwise requested. The contractor must sign before Oakland University will process the contract. A W-9 and certificate of liability insurance (with Oakland University as the certificate holder) must be turned in with the contract. The Oakland University Services Agreement must be used; no outside contracts will be accepted.

If a performer or service provider does not have insurance, you will work through the CSA to determine if the insurance requirement can be waived or insurance needs to be purchased.  Any changes to a contract must be reviewed and approved by the Department of Risk Management and the Oakland University General Counsel’s Office.  If you would like assistance selecting, contracting or negotiating with a performer or presenter, the staff of the CSA Office has several resources available. Student organizations are not to contact the Department of Risk Management or the Office of General Counsel.

A checklist to assist you in completing the contract process is available on GrizzOrgs.

Taxpayer Identification Number – When hiring a new vendor, we are required by law to obtain a current W-9 Taxpayer Identification Number form from them in order to make a payment to them. (Provide link for, versus this sentence of information)

Certificate of Liability Insurance – To insure that Oakland University is protected from the liability of physical injury or damage during an event where products, equipment or food services are available to those who attend, each vendor must provide a current certificate of general liability insurance, naming the Oakland University Board of Trustees as a certificate holder. In some cases, additional insurance may be required.(Provide link for instead of this paragraph to make it less lengthy)

In addition to the Service Agreement, the performer will also need to fill out an Invoice. An example of an invoice can be found here.
Major Event/Dance Policy  
Definition; A major event is defined as a program, event or activity sponsored by student organizations involving 100 or more student participants held on OU’s campus.  Major events include, but not limited to; dances, balls, step shows, talents shows, fashion shows, comedy shows, lectures, entertainment performances, pig roasts, etc.  Meetings are not considered major events. A dance is defined as a social gathering with music and dancing for entertainment purposes. Student organizations can only sponsor, or co-sponsor, one dance per semester.

Sponsoring Organization Requirements
A student organization must have a minimum of 10 active members to sponsor a major event.  Student organizations may co-sponsor a major event, but the main sponsor must have at minimum of 10 active student organization members.  If a major event is co-sponsored with an OU office or department, the student organization must follow the major events policy.

Three weeks prior to the date of the major event, the sponsoring organization must meet with the Assistant Director of Student Organization Programs or the Director of the Center for Student Activities and Leadership Development to review the major events policy. One week prior to the major event/dance date, all required documentation must be submitted to the CSA Office or the event will be cancelled.

Prior to the major event, the sponsoring organization must have allocated funds in their on-campus student organization account to cover all major event related expenses. The sponsoring organization is responsible for one half the cost of the Oakland University Police Department officers and one half of the cost of the CSA student employees if required to be present at the major event.  The number of OUPD officers will be determined by OUPD and the CSA Office.  Arrangements will be handled through the CSA Office.  

Ten members of the sponsoring student organization(s) are required to be present for the duration of the major events.  They must arrive thirty minutes prior to the start of the major event and attend a pre-major events meeting to review the major events policy, emergency guidelines, and receive assignments. The sponsoring organization(s) cannot host another OU approved program, activity or event, in the Oakland Center or elsewhere on OU’s campus the same evening they are  sponsoring a major event.

Major Event Hours and Location
Major events must conclude no later than the requirements of the venue.  Major events are not permitted during the final examination period. 
Dances are only permitted on Friday or Saturday nights. Dances are restricted to the Gold

Rooms of the Oakland Center, unless otherwise approved by the Center for Student Activities. Once maximum capacity has been reached, no additional OU students or guests are permitted to enter the dance.

Major Event Entrance Requirements
Oakland University officials reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone when deemed necessary to ensure the safety and security of the campus.  Major events are not open to the general public.

Current Students
Major event/dances are open to all currently registered Oakland University students.  During dances, OU students must present a valid OU identification card to be admitted.  

Guest Policy
OU registered students are eligible to host one guest.  If your organization is hosting an event that is open to off-campus or family members, please meet with the CSA.

**OU Dance Guest Policy-The OU student host must accompany their guest through the guest sign-in process with the understanding that they will be held responsible for any acts of their guest that violate the Oakland University Student Conduct Code.  OU students cannot sign-in a guest they do not know.  Guests must be a minimum age of 18 and present valid photo identification during the major events sign-in process.  Acceptable identification includes a valid driver’s license or state identification card. OU alumni are required to have an OU student host to be admitted to a major event/dance. Anyone leaving the major event at any time will not be readmitted. No one will be permitted to enter the dance/major event after midnight. A pre-approved, pre-sign-up guest list can be submitted one week prior to the major event/dance.  The number of pre-signed guests will be capped at 15% of the approved number in attendance or size of the venue.  

Entry Fee
OU students will not be charged an admission fee to major events sponsored by student organizations.  However, non-OU guests can be charged an admission fee.  A student organization would need the approval of the CSA office to sponsor a fundraiser.  All monies collected from an admission fee and an approved fundraiser must be deposited into the student organization’s on-campus Flex account.

Major Event Supervision
The sponsoring student organization’s adviser is required to be present at all major events with more than 100 people. If the adviser is not available the organization must inform the CSA of a substitute prior than three weeks before the event.

Based on the expected number of major event attendees, the number of OUPD officers will be determined by OUPD and the CSA Office.  Scheduling of police officers will be arranged by the Center for Student Activities Office.  OUPD rates for officers are $60.00/hour, and $64.00/hour for sergeants ($30/$32 for student organizations respectively). Most major events with over 500 people will require two over-time officers for a minimum of four hours (unless OUPD deems unnecessary). Events taking place in 201 Dodge Hall will also require officers for attendance greater than 200 people.

**OU Dance Supervision- The student organization’s adviser along with a staff member from the Center for Student Activities must be present at all dances. Two OUPD officers are required at all dances (and will be paid for five hours at minimum).

Alcohol and Drug Policy
Possession and/or consumption of alcohol or illegal substances are prohibited and will result in immediate expulsion from a major event.  Violators of this policy will be subject to the campus judicial process and/or criminal prosecution.

Major event shut-down
University officials have the authority to shut down a major event, for a just cause, such as the sponsoring organization’s failure to comply with the major events policy or a violation of campus ordinances.  In the event a major event is shut down, the CSA Office may require the sponsoring organization to pay back all funding allocated for the major event by SAFB, as well as labor charges to the CSA Office, Oakland Center, and OUPD.  Additionally, the sponsoring organization may not be eligible to host another major event for a specified period of time.  The sponsoring organization will be held financially accountable for any damages or excessive cleaning to the facility resulting from disorderly behavior of OU students and/or their guests attending the major event.  

Major Event Promotion
No advertising of any kind is permitted off campus or via the internet with public viewing.
Publicity for a major event must include the following information: OU guest policy, under 18 entry restriction, valid picture identification requirement (driver’s license or state ID card), no glass/plastic bottles, alcohol, drugs, and weapons are permitted, and no re-admittance to the major event. A copy of the publicity for the sponsoring organization’s major event is due one week prior to the major event date

Major Event Policy Violations
Violations of the major events policy will be adjudicated by the Center for Student Activities.  
Exceptions to the Major Events Policy will be addressed on a case by case basis through the CSA Office, Dean of Students Office, and OUPD.

University Logo Guidelines

Consistency is the key to a successful graphic identity program. Correct use of the logo will help provide this consistency. Therefore, OU departments and external entities must follow the Communications and Marketing guidelines for using the OU logo. Guidelines for logo use as well as other Oakland University name/color usage guidelines can be found at http://www.oakland.edu/logo. Questions should be directed to Communications and Marketing in Anibal House.  


Posting on Campus

Posting is defined as the hanging of information, advertising, etc. on any campus bulletin board, window, door, wall or other university property.  Oakland University reserves the right to refuse permission to any individual or group for posting that a) would seriously impede normal university activity, b) does not follow Oakland University policies and procedures, c) would make posting particular material inappropriate, d) contains contents which are in violation of university policies and ordinances, state and federal laws and/or e) does not support the role and mission of the university. Examples of posters that would be denied posting include advertisements for events at bars/night clubs and posters containing alcohol and/or drugs.


Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are primarily available for the university community.  The “CSA Posting Areas” are reserved for campus activities sponsored by registered student organizations, University departments, offices, and off campus individuals/groups/businesses with permission from the CSA Office.

The approved posting areas are as follows: Click here to see the CSA posting areas.



Student Organizations wishing to purchase a banner must filled out a Banner Request Form on GrizzOrgs. Banners will be hung in the OC for one (1) week prior to the event. If space is available, requests can be made for an extended period of time. Banners are printed on white paper that measures 36 inches high by 84 inches wide. Other size banners and posters may also be requested and prices will vary depending on size. All requests for colors, graphics, etc. will be taken into consideration but final copy design is at the discretion of the CSA office. The cost of each banner is $15. If a banner uses more than the average amount of ink, additional charges will incur accordingly. Requests received within one week of the date needed will incur a rush fee of $10 per banner.

Organizations are responsible for obtaining permission to hang banners in buildings other than the Oakland Center. Personal banners can be ordered but not on a priority basis, and must be paid for in full by check or cash upon receipt. To display a banner in and around the residence halls, please contact the Housing Office, 448 Hamlin Hall, x3570.  To display a banner in the Campus Recreation Center, please contact Campus Recreation, x4372. To display a banner in an academic building please contact the dean’s office of that building.  Banners are no longer permitted in the South Foundation Hall glass enclosure (the “fishbowl”).


The use of standard chalk (not paint or chalk paint) is permitted on areas of the sidewalk that are subject to weather.  Chalking under the overhangs, on the side of buildings, columns, benches, and other campus structures is not permitted.  Chalking should be limited to the areas of campus that have the highest student traffic such as around the Oakland Center and the sidewalks to the residence halls.  In addition, please keep the chalking appropriate, tasteful and respectful of other organizations, individuals and the OU community.  Student organizations cannot chalk the Oakland University Seal located between North and South Foundation Halls. Student Organizations who do not cooperate with the chalking policy may be subject to loss of chalking privileges for the semester, disciplinary action and/or service fees.

A-Frames and Wooden Signs

Registered student organizations are permitted to display A-frames/wooden signs on campus.  The signs can be no larger than 3’ high and 2’ wide.  The signs can be a maximum of 15 pounds.   Signs can only be placed on cement sidewalks and cannot obstruct any walkways/paths (signs cannot be in front of doors, forks in the sidewalk, in any parking lot/space). Signs cannot be chained or weighted down.  All signs must be removed from Oakland University property prior to Thanksgiving recess.  The CSA is NOT responsible for stolen or damaged signs.  Placement of the signs outdoors is at the organization’s risk. Student Organizations may rent A-Frame signs from the CSA by filling out an Equipment Check Out form on GrizzOrgs.


Distribution of Materials on Campus

Registered student organizations are permitted to display A-frames/wooden signs on campus.  The signs can be no larger than 3’ high and 2’ wide.  The signs can be a maximum of 15 pounds.   Signs can only be placed on cement sidewalks and cannot obstruct any walkways/paths (signs cannot be in front of doors, forks in the sidewalk, in any parking lot/space). Signs cannot be chained or weighted down.  All signs must be removed from Oakland University property prior to Thanksgiving recess.  The CSA is NOT responsible for stolen or damaged signs.  Placement of the signs outdoors is at the organization’s risk. Student Organizations may rent A-Frame signs from the CSA by filling out an Equipment Check Out form on GrizzOrgs. All student organizations must also uphold Oakland University Policy 415-Distribution and solicitation on campus.


Email Distribution

Per OU policy you must only use your OU email address for all communication with the CSA Office. The OU email system cannot be used as a means of advertising, soliciting, or spam for any student or Greek organization and the OU community.


Electronic Message Boards

Student organizations may submit event information for display on the electronic message boards located in the Oakland Center and the marquee on the corner of Walton and Adams.  To submit information for the board in the Oakland Center, contact the OC Reservations Office 118 OC extension 3230.  To submit information for the marquee, contact University Communications & Marketing in Anibal House, x3184.  General student activities are typically not advertised through the marquee and advertising is not open to the general public.  


Spirit Rocks and Campus Artwork

There are six spirit rocks available for use by student organizations.  They are located on the north and east end of the Oakland Center.  Messages should be appropriate, tasteful and respectful of other organizations, individuals and the OU community.  Paint must be kept off of all university property and the surrounding areas of the spirit rocks. Painting of the rocks comes at a first come first serve basis. Do not paint the rocks around the lake or the parking lots. Tampering with any campus artwork, including the statues in front of Kresge Library and the Oakland University Seal, is prohibited.  



There are tables available in the Oakland Center for student organizations to use for sales, publicity and promotions.  These tables must be reserved through the OC Reservations Office 118 Oakland Center, extension 3230. Any sales must be approved by the Oakland Center. Food sales are NOT permitted.  Crafts, candy, and flower sales are permitted. To allow for the uninterrupted flow of traffic in the hallways, all transactions must be completed from behind the table(s) assigned to the organization. In addition, representatives are prohibited from active solicitation, which disrupts normal university activity.If you have reserved a table in the Oakland Center, please see the Reservations Office to have it set up.


Table Tents

Advertise your organization or event on table tents in the Pioneer Food Court and in other Oakland Center lounge areas. Table tents must be approved and scheduled for display by the Center for Student Activities. The sponsoring organization is responsible for placing their approved table tents on any Pioneer Food Court or Oakland Center lounge area tables. Up to three different table tents may be displayed per week. Fliers, handouts and other printed materials may not be left on any tables in the Oakland Center. 


For an organization to be compatible with and in support of the educational mission of Oakland University, it must remain in compliance with this relationship statement.  Non-compliance with the provisions of this statement will jeopardize the privilege of recognition.  Oakland University retains the right to deny recognition and to suspend or rescind the recognition of a student organization if it duplicates the mission and activity of another organization or for any violation of the relationship statement or any other Oakland University policies and procedures.

Oakland University, as an equal opportunity and affirmative action institution, is committed to compliance with federal and state laws prohibiting discrimination, including Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. It is the policy of Oakland University that there shall be no discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, marital status, handicap, veteran status or other prohibited factors in employment, admissions, educational programs or activities.

Membership in an Oakland University organization must be open to any Oakland University student regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, marital status, handicap, veteran status or other prohibited factors in educational programs or activities. (Explained in previous paragraph)  An exception to this policy includes social fraternities and sororities that are permitted by federal and state law to discriminate on the basis of gender. Oakland University is a public, state-supported institution of higher education and adheres to the principles of separation of church and state http://www.oakland.edu/?id=10065&sid=29  

Oakland University’s commitment to it educational mission demands that it maintain various student information concerning characteristics, activities, academic performance and accomplishments of students.

All policies and practices governing the collection, maintenance, review, and release of student education records are based on the principles of confidentiality and the student’s right to privacy, consistent with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974. FERPA is a federal law designed to protect the privacy of education records and to establish the right of students to inspect, review, amend and restrict access to their education records.

All members of the faculty, administration and clerical staff must respect confidential information about students which they acquire in the course of their work. Additionally, the University shall be flexible enough in its policies not to hinder the student, the institution or the community in their legitimate pursuits. Each of the record-keeping administrative units within the University may develop its own additional specific procedures in accordance with the general policy stated here.

In compliance with FERPA, the University will annually notify students of their rights and the institutional policies pertaining to the FERPA. Notification will appear in publications such as the Student Handbook, Oakland Post, Schedule of Classes and the Grizzly Guide. For a full copy of the University FERPA policy click here or the Dean of Students Office website.

The CSA Office will comply with the wishes of any student who does not want directory information released, if the student has requested confidentiality through the Office of the Registrar.  Directory information (name, phone, and address) will be released until the student requests in writing that it be withheld.   Please notify the CSA Office if you are on the FERPA list.  Email addresses are not considered directory information and will not be released to anyone unless a student gives permission to the CSA Office to do so through a signed permission slip.
& Purchases
Student Organization Accounts
Once student organizations are considered active, they are given two accounts Flex and SAFB. The Flex account is money that they have earned. This is money collected through dues, fundraising or donations. The
Flex account is not cleared at the end of the semester, and stays with the organization until it is spent.The SAFB account is money the organization has requested. This money is requested through the Student Activities Funding Board, and is cleared at the end of the semester.

Off-campus accounts are not recognized by the Center for Student Activities and are not permitted. Oakland University and the Center for Student Activities are not responsible for anything taking place in an off-campus account.

Student Activities Funding Board
All student organizations can apply for funding through the Student Activities Funding Board (SAFB). Please refer to SAFB’s website for information on how to apply for funding; http://www.oakland.edu/safb.

Before a purchase can take place, the student organization shall obtain a quote from the vendor with the details of the purchase.  The quote may be delivered, emailed, or faxed to the CSA Accounting Clerk, Pam Dagastino, at 248-370-4337.  A list of recommended vendors for supplies or services can be obtained through the CSA Office Accounting Clerk.

On-campus Catering

When planning a function that requires on-campus catering services, a current certificate of liability insurance, listing Oakland University Board of Trustees as the certificate holder, must be received before the purchase requisition will be processed.  If your function is taking place in the Oakland Center or Vandenberg Dining Center, you cannot hire an outside catering company; you must utilize Chartwells, the university’s contracted food service provider.

Payments to caterers may be made at the time the food is delivered or picked up.  Please see the Accounting Clerk at least two weeks before your event for assistance.

Sam’s Club Purchases
One member of each student organization may apply for a Sam’s Club Card via GrizzOrgs. The Sam’s Club Card will enable authorized persons to take advantage of a program designed to provide savings not only in dollars but also in time and effort. This program is designed to make university purchases easier, as well as, more convenient while also reducing the use of departmental petty cash and the use of personal funds.

When requesting use of the in-store card the requestor must upon entry to the store, show their Oakland University I.D or valid driver’s license and state they are from Oakland University and need to go to the Customer Service Desk in the Auburn Hills Sam’s Club Store to request use of the in-store card. At the Customer Service Desk, request a store manager to obtain the card for your department and show your I.D. to be matched against the authorized users list for your department.

This card can be used for purchases such as, paper products (napkins, paper plates, etc.), food and beverages (review restriction section and university policy), equipment under $2,500.00. Personal items may not be charged to the card. The University is responsible for proper use of the Sam’s Club Card for university purchases.

Under no circumstances should a cardholder use the Sam’s Club Card for any personal, family or household purpose. It is the cardholder’s responsibility to be aware of the restrictions and requirements and abide by them. The Sam’s Club Card is the property of Oakland University and unauthorized use of the Card is prohibited. Use of the Card outside of the spirit of this agreement will be considered unethical conduct and contrary to the University’s best interests. Such conduct will be pursued aggressively through formal disciplinary measures.

The cardholder is encouraged to use the Sam’s Club Card for purchases of general supplies. University policy dictates that the Sam’s Club Card cannot be used for the following types of expenditures:
  • Food to be consumed by any group utilizing facilities within the Oakland Center
  • Cakes or other food to be purchased in conjunction with birthdays, etc.
  • Firearms
  • Alcoholic Beverages (Policy No. 400)
  • Flower arrangements/plants for deaths, births or illness (Policy No. 425)
  • Equipment over $2,500.00 (Policy No. 1000)
  • Any office supplies that would fall within the Detroit Pencil Company Preferred Vendor Contract
Orders can be placed for pick-up the following morning by using the Sam’s Club Fax & Pull system @ (248) 391-6816 or the Click & Pull system @ samsclub.com. Sam’s Club offers business only hours from 7am to 10am, Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. through 9:30 a.m. Saturday & Sunday. The order must be placed by 5:00 p.m. to take advantage of next morning pick-up.
The Sam’s Club account is being set up as Tax Exempt, therefore the cardholder should under no circumstances pay sales tax on any purchase.

All receipts should be kept and upon return to the university immediately turned into the Accounting Clerk. Pam Dagastino, in the CSA Office, within 24 hours of purchase.

Office Supplies
Detroit Pencil Company www.detroitpencilcompany.com is the university Preferred Vendor for office supply purchases. When ordering office supplies you can use the Detroit Pencil Company Catalog available in the CSA office. The Office Assistant can assist you in making a purchase. Prices may be lower once the order is placed due to discounts given to the university community and all purchases are tax-exempt. Order forms are available in the CSA Office for student organizations to complete. Once complete, the order forms must be given to the Office Assistant who will then make the order on behalf of the organization using the organization’s preferred account number (Flex or SAFB). Orders are typically delivered within 1-2 business days and will be available for pick-up in the CSA office. If Detroit Pencil Company does not carry what you need or you can find a vendor offering a better price, contact the Accounting Clerk in the CSA Office to assist you in placing orders through other vendors utilizing the university’s tax-exempt status.

Requisition Requirements
  • Requisitions for food must include a current certificate of liability insurance to be attached to the quote from the restaurant.  Oakland University Board of Trustees must be listed as the certificate holder. Without a certificate of insurance, we are unable to process a requisition.
  • Requisitions for off campus events (bowling, laser tag, etc.) will need the company’s current certificate of liability insurance attached to the quote. Oakland University Board of Trustees must be listed as the certificate holder.
After-the-fact requisitions (requisitions for purchases already made) are not accepted. Receipts, invoices or other documentation for payment must be submitted within 30 days of the date on the documentation to be paid.  No exceptions will be made.

Prizes and Gift Cards

Student organizations frequently give away prizes at events. While this practice is acceptable, there are very specific guidelines to keep in mind.

  • All prizes, regardless of value, must be reported to Financial Aid.  All prize recipients must sign for the items won.
  • All cash prizes are subject to taxation.  Students receiving cash prizes must fill out a W-9 form so the amount can be reported as income.  Cash prize recipients must sign for the amount won so it can be reported to the IRS as well as to Financial Aid.
  • Tangible, non-cash items worth more than $74.99 are subject to taxation.  Recipients of such items must sign for the item(s) won so it can be reported to the IRS as well as to Financial Aid.
  • Under no circumstance can Student organizations purchase or give away gift cards and gift certificates
  • SAFB does not fund prizes/giveaways
Student organizations are encouraged to fundraise to support their programs and membership.  The Center for Student Activities and Leadership Development can provide organizations assistance identifying fundraising opportunities.  The Oakland University name cannot be attached to any fundraiser (or other event) at a stand-alone bar or club.  Additionally, due to liability reasons, organizations cannot participate in Comerica Park, Ford Field or Palace concession fundraisers.  There are strict state regulations to auctions and raffles, so please work directly with the CSA to plan such events.

Petty Cash
Petty cash is available to registered student organizations through the CSA Office.  A Petty Cash Request Form must be completed at least two business days in advance of the desired pickup date.  Original receipts and change must be returned to the CSA Accounting Clerk, no later than 24 hours after the pickup date.  Failure to do so may restrict future requests for petty cash or result in the suspension of financial privileges.  Funds are limited and are distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Petty cash cannot be used for the following:
  • Purchase of gift cards
  • Copies or purchases at Kinkos or other off-campus printing services
  • Parking
  • Gas for traveling
  • Meals while traveling
  • Deposits
Receipts must be detailed outlining what was purchased, the purchase price and the method of payment.   Credit and debit card receipts are not accepted.  There is a $100 limit on petty cash requests. CSA and Oakland University take no responsibility or assume any liabilities for off campus accounts. Credit and debit cards cannot be used.

Group Transportation Requests

The lead time for securing group transportation, such as buses, is a minimum of one month.  During peak holiday times, the lead time is much longer. Transportation of any sort for Oakland University student organizations must be provided only by an approved vendor (see the Purchasing website)  that carries proper insurance. A Payment Request Form (located on GrizzOrgs) needs to be completed.  Please attach a copy of your planned travel itinerary and signed travel authorization.  This includes number of people attending, times and dates that transportation is needed as well as the destination.

Group Outings

Group outings, such as canoeing, horseback riding, etc., the facility/company must provide a current certificate of liability insurance, listing Oakland University and the Board of Trustees as the certificate holder.  Please be advised that Oakland University does not provide vendors with a deposit for service or equipment.

Travel Approval
CSA and Oakland University take no responsibility or assume any liabilities for off campus accounts. Credit and debit cards cannot be used. 

Waiver of Responsibility

All students are required to sign the waiver of responsibility for participation in activity. Forms are obtained from GrizzOrgs. In addition to the Oakland University Travel Policy for Student Organizations, student organizations are subject to the following guidelines and policies regarding travel:

  1. For all in-state travel, travel must be approved by the Assistant Director Student Organization Programs.
  2. For out-of-state travel in the United States, travel must also be approved by the Dean of Students.
  3. For out-of-country travel (including Canada and Mexico), travel must also be approved by the Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

All paperwork must be submitted at least ten working days prior to travel.  For out-of-country travel, please allow two weeks.  Documents verifying the purpose of the trip must be included with the travel authorization form.

After approval is received from the appropriate university officials, the organization is required to collect signed waiver of responsibility forms from each person participating in the trip.  These waivers must be submitted online through GrizzOrgs prior to travel.

All transportation rentals (vehicles, buses, etc.) in which university funds are being used must be approved through the CSA Accounting Clerk.  The rental of 15 passenger vans from any vendor is not allowed.  All student organizations are subject to state of Michigan DMV background checks and/or approved driving course requirements through the Oakland University Risk Management Department.  Rental vehicles are subject to CSA approval and compliance with university policy. (Different from OU’s website)

For individuals traveling on behalf of student organizations, no alcohol may be consumed or possessed in any vehicle; all approved drivers and trip supervisors must abstain from use of alcohol over the entire duration of the trip.  Trip supervisors may prohibit the participation of
individuals showing signs of intoxication or other inappropriate behavior from any or all activities over the duration of the trip. (Different from Oakland’s website)

Depending upon the nature of the trip, an administrative professional staff member or faculty member may be required to accompany the organization.  The Assistant Director of Student Organization Programs, the Dean of Students, and/or the Vice President for Student Affairs may add stipulations as conditions of approval for travel. (Different from Oakland’s website).  

University Funding for Travel
Student Activities Funding Board (SAFB) http://www.oakland.edu/safb Funds can only be utilized towards conference registration costs.  Travel expenses, hotel and food costs must be paid for through the organization’s FLEX account or by the individual students traveling.  
Organizations applying for conference registration fees through SAFB are responsible for contacting the conference coordinator(s) to obtain accurate amounts for registration fees that do not include meals or housing costs.