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CSA Services & Forms

Forms and contracts
Information about university offices and services can be found in the Center for Student Activities. A majority of our forms are now paperless and online.

Frequently used forms: 
Student Organizations wishing to purchase a banner must fill out a Banner Request Form on GrizzOrgs. Banners will be hung in the OC for one week prior to the event. If space is available, requests can be made for an extended period of time. Banners are printed on white paper that measures 36 inches high by 84 inches wide. Other size banners and posters may also be requested and prices will vary depending on size. All requests for colors, graphics, etc. will be taken into consideration but final copy design is at the discretion of the CSA office. The cost of each banner is $15. If a banner uses more than the average amount of ink, additional charges will incur accordingly. Requests received within one week of the date needed will incur a rush fee of $5 per banner. Please click here for  Banner Tips and Pricing Examples. 

Organizations are responsible for obtaining permission to hang banners in buildings other than the Oakland Center.  Personal banners can be ordered but not on a priority basis, and must be paid for in full by check or cash upon receipt. To display a banner in and around the residence halls, please contact the Housing Office, 448 Hamlin Hall, x3570.  To display a banner in the Campus Recreation Center, please contact Campus Recreation, x4372. To display a banner in an academic building please contact the dean’s office of that building.  Banners are no longer permitted in the South Foundation Hall glass enclosure (the “fishbowl”).

Equipment will be loaned on a first come, first serve basis. It is best to submit a request as early as possible but at least one week in advance is preferred. It is the student organization’s responsibility to pick up and return the equipment to the CSA office. In the case where the CSA office is closed for the starting or ending time of the event, other arrangements will need to be made in advance to secure storage of the equipment. Student Organizations can reserve the equipment on GrizzOrgs. Equipment available includes LCD projector, DVD player, laptops, sound system, canopy, signs  tables, quiz bowl sets, and spotlights. Organizations are responsible for all damage to equipment.

Posting Printed Materials
Publicize your organization or event on the many bulletin boards on campus by contacting the Center for Student Activities. The CSA reserves specific areas for posting information about campus activities sponsored by OU departments, offices and registered student and Greek organizations. Other areas are available for advertising by off-campus individuals or groups. The CSA must approve all postings, and posting regulations must be followed or materials will be removed.

Organizations may use university copying services for organization-related copying or printing. Printing Services is the only on-campus copying service. All copying and printing must be completed on campus prior approval is given through the University Print Shop. Student organizations cannot use Kinko’s or other printing services off-campus. Limited printing and copying services that total up to 25 prints/copies are available for student organizations in the CSA office.  


The CSA will send domestic faxes for personal use at a cost of $1.00 per page, excluding the cover page.  Payment must be made at the time of the request.  Incoming faxes for personal use are not allowed. The CSA Office will send and receive domestic faxes on behalf of student organizations for organization-related business at no charge. Faxes will be placed in the organization mailboxes if a clearly addressed. Fax #: (248) 370-4337.

Leadership Consultants
Leadership Consultants are trained in resolution strategies and workshop presentation skills. They are knowledgeable about the inner workings of the university and the various resources available to students at Oakland University. Student organizations can  request Leadership Consultant assistance through GrizzOrgs.

Mail Services

Each student organization has a mailbox in the CSA, for both on and off-campus mail. The mailboxes may be used, with approval, for distributing notices promoting on- or off-campus activities, products or services. Organizations must check their mail on a regular basis. The CSA empties the mailboxes twice each semester.

Storage Units
Storage units are available in the CSA office for registered student organizations.  Availability and assignment of space will be determined on a yearly basis. If your organization receives storage unit privileges you agree to the following:
  • All university policies and procedures apply to the use of the assigned storage space.
  • The storage of food and/or beverage is not permitted.
  • The storage of flammable materials is not permitted.
  • Student Organizations cannot decorate the outside of their storage space.
  • There is no painting or writing permitted on any storage space.
Additionally, keys for the storage units can be signed out only by the organization’s executive board members.  Please be advised that there is a charge for lost keys.  

Rent a locker in the Oakland Center for $5 for fall and winter semesters with a $5 refundable deposit.

Room Reservations

Room and table reservations for inside of the Oakland Center are coordinated by the Reservations office (located in Room 118 Oakland Center). To request a room please fill out the Room Reservations in the OC form on GrizzOrgs. To request a room outside of the Oakland Center, Outdoors, or for a Bonfire please fill out the Outdoor Events/Bonfire Request/Non-OC Room Reservations form on GrizzOrgs. Available rooms (outside of the OC) can be found here.