Oakland's IT Policy

Your access to university resources comes with responsibilities. To keep our network safe, OU maintains a detailed computing policy that you must follow. The following top 10 list provides only the highlights. For more information, refer to the full policy.
  1. Sharing and downloading movies, music, games and software that you don’t own and/or without permission of the owner is a violation of university policy as well as copyright and federal law.
  2. Important OU information will only be delivered to your OU email account.
  3. Using email or any IT tool to harass, intimidate or bother someone is not acceptable. If someone asks you to stop, you must comply.
  4. You are responsible for maintaining your computer. That means you must install anti-virus software, maintain system patches and use appropriate system protection like a firewall.
  5. Limited game playing on university computers is OK as long as it does not disrupt or limit resources for others.
  6. Sharing your IDs and passwords is not a good idea; you are responsible for what happens from your account. Sharing also puts you at risk of identity theft.
  7. Using the Internet for research can be useful, but copying material from websites without properly citing your sources is plagiarism. As you surf for information, keep track of the sites you visit so you can properly cite the sources in your assignment.
  8. Political campaigns, commercial advertising campaigns and personal businesses cannot be run using university computing resources.
  9. You must have prior approval to install wireless network devices in your campus residence.
  10. Breaking the rules can result in a variety of consequences, depending on the offense. Consequences may include disconnection from the network or referral to the dean of students for appropriate judicial processing.

Remember, it is your responsibility to understand and follow the entire IT policy