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Come back to OU

Our goal is to see every Oakland University student earn a degree. One of the most rewarding experiences for students, faculty and staff alike is crossing the stage during commencement. Let us help you return, so you may walk away with a degree in hand. You worked so hard to get this far. It’s time to make your comeback.

Some students are short a class or two, have an outstanding bill, or experience unforeseeable circumstances during their degree plan. We understand that life happens. The obstacle standing in your way can most likely be resolved.

Dedicated staff members are ready to help you resolve any issues and make a smooth return to OU. Please contact Registrar Services at (248) 370-4254 to determine next steps and ensure you’re back on the path to graduation. Or you can work directly with a designated academic adviser for your area of study. 

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An academic adviser is ready to review your course history and help you move closer to a degree. 

Bachelor of Integrative Studies
Jennifer Root
160 North Foundation Hall
(248) 370-3229

College of Arts and Sciences
Matt Prentice
221 Varner Hall
(248) 370-4567

School of Business Administration
Debra Wheeler
232 Elliott Hall
(248) 370-3285

School of Education and Human Services
Donna Malaski
363 Pawley Hall
(248) 370-4182
School of Engineering and Computer Science
Pat Bennett
159 Dodge Hall
(248) 370-2201

School of Health Sciences
Michelle Southward
3070 Human Health Building
(248) 370-2369

School of Nursing
Pam Marin
3027 Human Health Building
(248) 370-4253

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The following undergraduate students must apply for readmission: 
  1. Any student who has been absent from the university for six or more years
  2. Any student who has been dismissed for unsatisfactory academic progress.
When to apply
Submit your application by the following dates:
Fall semester entry — by July 1
Winter semester entry — by November 1
Summer semester entry — by March 1

How to apply
To apply for readmission, complete the readmission application.

Note: If you attended another school during your absence from Oakland University, you must submit an official transcript from each college or university attended.

Please refer to the online catalog for additional information.

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