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You Li, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Journalism
Journalism in the Digital Age

Office:  107A East Vandenberg
Phone:  (248) 370-4126

Dr. You Li received her M.A. in journalism with a focus on media history and a Ph.D. in journalism with a focus on media business and management from the University of Missouri, Columbia. As a researcher, she explores how market turmoil, most notably the recent economic recession and rise of new technology, escalated media organizations’ restructuring of journalistic productions and, in turn, challenges the traditional ways of practicing, consuming and funding journalism. Her current research centers on media organizations’ resource management following the recession and their integrations of new forms of journalism. Her academic work is intended to understand the contemporary shifts in the editorial and business sides of journalism, and shed light on how good journalism practices can produce good business results.

Trained by the well-known Missouri model, Dr. Li is a firm believer that conceptual learning is as important as practical application when it comes to educating the future generation of journalists.
 She currently teaches JRN 200 Introduction to Journalism and News Writing and JRN 340 Introduction to Advertising. She is working on developing a new course on interactive communication strategies that centers on using digital media to aid advertising and public relations efforts. Her other teaching specialties include communication theories and methodologies, media organizations and management.

Before turning to academia, You Li worked as a reporter and data analyst for Columbia Missourian, Investigative Reporters and Editors, Fortune Magazine in New York, and the broadcasting division of the China Business Network in Shanghai.

Recent research activities:

Vos. T. & Li, Y (2013). Justifying commercialization: Legitimating discourses and the rise of American advertising. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 90, no. 3, 559-580. 

Winfield, B. W., Li, Y., & Page, J. T. (in press). Our flag was still there: The news images of the American flag following 9-11. The Americanist 27 (2013), page numbers pending.

Li, Y. & Hellmueller, L. (September, 2013). Retrenchments and recovery: Reallocating media organizations resources in a digital age. Paper presented to the Future of Journalism conference organized by the Journal of Journalism Studies, Cardiff, U.K. 

Hellmueller, L. & Li, Y. (June, 2013) Part of the game? Conceptualizing the integration of participatory journalism in the journalistic field. Paper presented to the Journalism Studies division of International Communication Association, London, U.K.