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Valerie Palmer-Mehta, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Office:   328 Wilson
Phone:  (248) 370-2139

Dr. Palmer-Mehta is teaching Women, Power, & Persuasion 
(COM 380 / WGS 301 / LBS 511) in the Fall of 2014! Sign Up NOW!

Research / Teaching / Life
Dr. Palmer-Mehta's research endeavors sit at the intersection of Rhetorical Studies and Gender Studies. Her current research examines the varied rhetorical strategies women employ to influence public culture and transform intellectual traditions and everyday practices. She also engages in rhetorically informed analyses of media representations of diverse women's ways of knowing and being, and their enactment of resistance. Her goal in analyzing these varied cultural forms is to identify and assess the creative methods by which women question entrenched orthodoxies and establish new paradigms and values--and the level of resistance they receive when doing so. Her research may be found in a variety of journals, such as Communication, Culture & Critique, Text and Performance Quarterly, Women's Studies in Communication, Journal of American Culture, Journal of Popular Culture, as well as edited collections, such as The Oprah Phenomenon, The Business of Entertainment, Reading the Sopranos, and Black Women's Intellectual Traditions.

Dr. Palmer-Mehta serves as a member of the Women and Gender Studies Executive Committee. In the 2014-2015 school year, she is serving as the Interim Director of the Women and Gender Studies Program. She is the recipient of a number of grants, fellowships, and awards, including the OU Honors College Inspiration Award, GLAAD Center for the Study of Media and Society Grant, OU Faculty Research Fellowship, Thomas Rumble Fellowship, OU Faculty Recognition Award for research, NCA Feminist and Women's Studies Top Paper Award, and the Elizabeth Youngjohn Teaching Award. In her spare time, she likes to travel, write, garden, learn new things, and do anything active (hike, bike, run). This summer, she traveled to Tampere, Finland to present her research at the 2014 Association for Cultural Studies Crossroads Conference. 

Fall 2014 and Winter 2015 Classes
Valerie teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses including Introduction to Communication Studies; Communication Theory; Persuasion; Rhetoric and Public Address; Rhetorical Criticism; Media Criticism; Women, Power & Persuasion; Multicultural Communication; and Feminist Rhetorical Theory. In the fall of 2014, she is teaching Women, Power, & Persuasion (COM 380/ WGS 301/ LBS 511). In the winter of 2015, she is teaching the Women and Gender Studies capstone class (WGS 405) and Multicultural Communication (COM 385). Please email Valerie if you have any questions about the courses she is teaching.