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Oakland University
Chemistry Seminar Series – Fall 2018

 All seminars start at 1:15 p.m. in 372 Mathematics and Science Center (map)



Seminar Speakers

September 12

Colin Wu, Oakland University
Mechanisms of DNA repair: towards personalized medicine

September 26

Manawadevi Y. Udugala-Ganehenege, University of Peradeniya
Pioneering the past, present, and future of research on metal interaction 

October 3

Bart Bartlett, University of Michigan
How the surface chemistry of WO3 influences its activity for water splitting

October 10

Melanie Cooper, Michigan State University
Evidence-based approaches to curriculum reform and assessment

October 17

Yongli Zhang, Wayne State University
Healthy urban waters-Occurrence and fate of emerging contaminates and their interactions with water microbiome 

October 24

Elizabeth Gillam, University of Queensland

October 31

Joseph Caruso, Wayne State University
Application of proteomic and systems biology approaches to better understand complex health issues 

November 7

Michael Young, University of Toledo
Supramolecular-inspired strategies for organometallic synthetic methodology and chemical sensing

November 14

Wei Chang, University of Michigan
Optical tweezers as versatile tools for characterization of biological nanoparticles

November 21

No Seminar

November 28

Diane Cress, Wayne State University
It is nearly impossible to define a 'best diet': why an evidence-based food strategy escapes us

December 5

Zeke Piskulich, University of Kansas
Getting something for (almost) nothing: New approaches to calculating activation energies