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Kenneth M. Harmon

Kenneth M. Harmon

Title: Professor Emeritus
Organic Chemistry
Office: 235 Science and Engineering Building
Phone: (248) 370-2332

Ph.D., University of Washington

Research Interests

My research involves ab initio molecular orbital studies of hydrogen bonded systems, ionic organoboranes, and tropylium ion and its derivatives.

I will no longer be accepting any research students.

Representative Publications

S. H. Gill and K. M. Harmon, "Carbonium Ion Salts. Part 15. Correlation of Electronic Spectra of Substituted Tropylium (Cycloheptatrienylium) Ions with the Nature of Electronic Interaction between Substituent and Ring," J. Mol. Struct. 525 (2000) 113.

K. M. Harmon, G. F. Avci, S. L. Madeira, P. A. Mounts, and A. C. Thiel, "Hydrogen Bonding. Part 78. Ab Initio Molecular Orbital Study of Intra- and Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonding in Choline and Betaine and Their Compounds with HF and H2O," J. Mol. Struct., 597 (2001) 177.

K. M. Harmon, E. Nikolla, and N. M. Benning, "Hydrogen Bonding. Part 81. Infrared and Molecular Orbital Study of the hydrates of N,N-dimethyl-1-adamanamine-hydrogen fluoride", J. Mol. Struct., 6432 (2002) 85.

K. M. Harmon, and E. Nikolla, "Ionic Organoboranes. Part 9. Ab Initio Molecular Orbital Study of Energy,Structure, and Frontier Orbitals of the Isomeric [7.7.10x,y]ousenes", J. Mol. Struct., 655 (2003) 251.

K. M. Harmon, B. Armstrong, and E. Nikolla, "Hydrogen Bonding. Part 83. The bis-troponehydrogen cation: Preparation, IR, and MO Study of a Proton Bridged Dimer of Tropone with a Covalent Three-center OHO Bond", J. Mol. Struct., 691 (2004) 211.