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Available Financial Aid

Available Aid

Financial Aid

Students in a partnership program can enroll either at Oakland University or the partnership school or both schools concurrently each semester. Transferable credits at both institutions are combined to determine eligibility for federal and state aid. Non-federal and non-state financial aid programs might have restrictions on honoring the combined enrollment at both schools. Students need to check with the awarding agency for more information. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required and can be completed online. Include Oakland University’s Federal School Code (002307) on the FAFSA. 

Federal and most state financial aid is processed and awarded by Oakland University only. Financial aid awards are based on the combined enrollment at Oakland University and/or the partnership school. Adjustments to awards are made after each semester’s enrollment is verified between Oakland University and the partnership school. Students can view their financial aid awards by clicking on SAIL on the Oakland University home page. If a student is planning to have a combined enrollment of less than full-time, the student must complete a revision form.

Scholarships and Grants

In addition to the federal and state awards, students in a partnership program are eligible to receive Oakland University general fund scholarship and grant awards based on initial admission to Oakland University as a partnership student in addition to the federal and state awards. The awards are as follows and are based on funding availability:

  • Presidential Scholarship
  • Distinguished Scholar
  • Talented Scholar
  • Academic Achievement Award
  • University Recognition Award
  • Geographic Region
  • Distinguished Transfer
  • Talented Transfer
  • OU Academic Grant
  • OU Housing Grant
  • 100% Tuition Grant

Oakland University scholarships and grants are applicable to the fall and winter semesters only. In addition, the following conditions of all Oakland University general fund scholarships and grants apply to students in a partnership program:

  • Must receive an Oakland University general fund scholarship or grant award
  • Enroll in full-time Oakland University credits (12 or more credits) in the fall semester of the admission year (awards are permanently cancelled if enrollment in Oakland University credits is not full-time in the fall semester of the admission year). See examples of enrollment requirements for OU scholarship and grant recipients in a community college partnership program.
  • Awards are applicable to semesters of full-time enrollment at Oakland University
  • Oakland University private scholarships awards are not available

Oakland University general fund scholarship and grant awards can be renewed if the student meets the following renewal criteria:

  • Complete full-time credits during each fall and winter semester at OU and/or partnership school
  • Renewable for up to 6 consecutive fall and winter semesters for new first time in college students and 2 consecutive semesters for new transfer students while enrolled full-time at Oakland University and/or partnership school in any fall or winter semester following the fall semester of the admission year
  • Consecutive full-time enrollment beyond the first fall semester can be at OU, the partnership school, or both schools
  • Meet additional award renewal requirements such as cumulative GPA and financial needs. (GPA requirements applies to the OU and partnership school GPA)

OU scholarships and grants are only applicable during the fall and winter semesters of full-time attendance in OU credits.

If the student is attending a partnership school and is awarded a private scholarship through the partnership school, the student can use the scholarship to help pay the tuition expenses at the partnership school.