Center for Biomedical Research

Hannah Hall of Science, Room 166
244 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4451
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(248) 370-4871
Fax (248) 370-3408

Brad Roth, Director

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New Investigator Grants

You can find a big list of new or young investigator awards at

Biomedical Research in Michigan

  • MichBio
    MichBio is a non-profit, statewide trade association, headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI. Its mission is to drive life sciences industry growth in Michigan by providing its members with networking & educational opportunities, legislative and business advocacy and public awareness efforts, a hub for life sciences information and comment, and power buying resources. Its members are life sciences companies, academic and research institutions, bioscience service providers, and related organizations.

National Institutes of Health

  • How Are We Doing?
    NIH annually computes data on funding to individual universities. The link above will provide information about NIH funding.  Search on Oakland University as the institution.
  • Funding Opportunities
    NIH has a wide variety of funding opportunities open to OU researchers.
  • NIH News
    Keep track of the latest news out of NIH.

Biomedical Education

  • ACM Crossroads
    ACM Crossroads is an online student publication that features an astonishing breadth of coverage. Included are articles that span all of student life, high technology, careers, e-commerce, graduate schools, multimedia, programming, social issues, and robotics, to name a few.

Biomedical Research Tools

  • A Web Atlas of Cell Structures
    "A Web Atlas of Cell Structures" offers dozens of pretty images and some how-to advice. It describes protocols for staining cells with fluorescent antibodies that stick to certain proteins, as well as the kinds of light microscopes you then shine on the fixed cells--including confocal microscopy, which gets sharper images by collecting light from only a thin slice. Students can download large image files and try processing them themselves.

Clinical Health Sites

  • Cancer Care
    This site contains excellent information about cancer of the breast, prostate, skin, lung, and brain. Counseling and assistance as well as technical information for professionals is provided.

Biomedical Current Events

  • Biospace Home Page
    The Biospace Home Page is a source of breaking news in the field of bioscience. It provides the latest information on company activity, company profiles, investment opportunities, and career opportunities.