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Minors and Concentrations


Below is a list of minors and concentrations available in the College of Arts and Sciences. Each link below will take you to the appropriate page of the current undergraduate catalog listing the requirements for the minor or concentration.

Minors are not required for most College of Arts and Sciences majors. However, students will sometimes complete minors or concentrations in addition to their major if they have other areas of academic interest.

Students pursuing admission into the Secondary Teaching Education Program (STEP) must complete a teaching minor in one of the following areas: biology, chemistry, dance, economics, English, history, mathematics, modern languages (Spanish, French or German), physics, political science, or sociology. Teaching minors for these areas can be found in the same catalog sections as the regular minors.

As a general rule, no more than 8 credits of course work used to satisfy one major, minor, or concentration may be applied toward another. At least 8 of the credits offered for each minor must be taken at Oakland University.

If you are interested in any of these minors or concentrations and wish to discuss them in more detail, contact our office for an appointment or contact the departmental adviser for the subject in which you have an interest.  

Minor Overviews:

 Humanities  Language & Culture Social Sciences   Music, Theater, Dance   Math & Science  Teaching

Minor or Concentration

Catalog Link 
Advertising  Link 
American Studies Concentration  Link 
Anthropology Link
Applied Mathematics Link
Applied Statistics  Link 
Archeology Concentration  Link 
Art History  Link 
Biology  Link 
Chemistry  Link 
Child Welfare
Chinese Language
Chinese Language and Civilization  Link 
Christianity Studies
Cinema Studies  Link 
Communication Link
Creative Writing Link
Criminal Justice  Link 
Dance  Link 
Economics  Link 
English Link
Environmental Science  Link 
Environmental Studies Concentration  Link 
French Language and Literature  Link
French Language Link
French Studies Concentration  Link 
German Language and Literature Link
German Language Link
German Studies  Link 
Graphic Design  Link 
History   Link 
International Relations  Link 
International Studies  Link 
Islamic Studies  Link
Japanese Language and Civilization  Link 
Japanese Language and Literature
Japanese Language Link
Jazz Studies  Link 
Journalism Link
Judaic Studies  Link 
Linguistics  Link 
Linguistics, Teaching English as a Second Language
Mathematics Link
Music (auditioned)  Link 
Music (no audition)  Link 
Philosophy  Link 
Physics  Link 
Political Science  Link 
Pre-Law Studies  (not a minor or major)
Pre- Med Concentration  Link 
Psychology  Link 
Public Administration  Link 
Public Relations  Link 
Religious Studies Concentration  Link 
Science Link
Sociology Link
Spanish Language and Literature Link
Spanish Language Link
Studio Art Link
Theatre  Link 
Urban Studies Concentration  Link 
Women and Gender Studies   Link 
World Music  Link 
Writing and Rhetoric Link
Teaching Minors
 Biology STEP  Link 
 Chemistry STEP  Link 
 Dance STEP Link
 Economics STEP Link
 English as a Second Language STEP Link
 English STEP Link
 History STEP Link
 History with Social Studies  Link 
 Mathematics STEP  Link 
 Modern Languages STEP  Link 
 Physics STEP  Link 
 Political Science STEP  Link 
 Sociology STEP Link