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Undergraduate Business Programs

Students benefit from the Oakland University School of Business Administration’s reputation for graduating students with the skills employers value—starting with their first day on the job.

Through the business school’s wide variety of resources and programs, you will develop a range of abilities to help you succeed in business. Small class sizes with a student-to-teacher ratio of 22-to-1 create a foundation for you to develop strong relationships with faculty and staff, create opportunities for real-world business practice, and experience extra-curricular programs give you a solid base for professional success.

This rich combination of business connections, active student involvement, engaging classroom discussions, hands-on learning, internships, leadership and career development preparation fully prepares our graduates to succeed.

At Oakland University’s School of Business Administration, you’ll find programs that integrate theory, research and experience -- giving you the unique combination of academic preparation and practical skills you will need to succeed professionally. Our programs offer a stepping-stone for students to discover the right career path, while providing a comprehensive business overview in the foundations and specifics of their chosen fields.

Oakland’s School of Business Administration also offers minors which allow business majors to customize their business degree or non-business majors the chance to build business skills to support advancement in their chosen field. A business minor typically requires 16 to 20 credit hours. Minors include:
Student Info

Oakland prides itself on working with transfer students. More than half of our undergraduate students have transfer credits. Our academic advisers will work with you on this important transition. They understand transfer students and can answer all your questions.

Transfer Equivalencies

Before you transfer, there are two important questions to consider:

What credits will transfer to Oakland? What will apply to a business degree?

To get the answers, consult the transfer equivalency guide on the transferring credit page.

If you are transferring from a Michigan Community College, you can use the program guides. All business majors follow the same program guides, so the information will be the same regardless of your future business major at Oakland.

TIP: Even though a class transfers, it may not apply to your business degree. Following the transfer guides and meeting with an academic adviser before transferring can help ensure your transfer classes will help get you closer to your degree.

Meet with an Adviser

Prospective OU students are welcome to meet with a business academic adviser to learn more about business majors, career opportunities and transfer courses. Please call the business academic advising office at (248) 370-3285 to schedule your appointment.

Appointments are typically scheduled between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. On select Thursdays, appointments are available until 7 p.m.

Advising is also available at the Macomb University Center near the campus of Macomb Community College Center Campus in Clinton Township.

An adviser can work with you to understand your transfer credits, along with how to maximize your transfer courses from a community college. Planning with an adviser can potentially save you tuition by maximizing your courses from a community college.

You can apply online anytime on the Transfer Student page. After applying, you’ll be notified via email about Oakland’s admission decision. If you are admitted, your next step is mandatory Transfer Student Orientation.

Transfer Orientation

Transfer Student Orientation is divided into two components — online and in-person. All transfer students are required to complete both components of orientation. Students may not register for courses until they complete Transfer Student Orientation Part Two and meet with a business academic adviser.

Transfer Orientation Part One takes about 30 minutes to complete online. Here you will learn how to set up your student accounts and how to register. Part Two takes place on campus. Here you will:

  • Learn about the different business majors
  • Find out how to earn major standing and full admission into the business program
  • Get details about how to register using SAIL
  • Learn about the campus resources available to business students
  • Work with an adviser to analyze your transfer credits
  • Determine how many and what classes you need to complete your degree
  • Register for courses under the guidance of academic advisers

On campus sessions are scheduled once a week throughout most of the year. We recommend scheduling an orientation as soon as possible.

You can access Transfer Orientation details here.

Individual Orientation

Attending a group transfer orientation is ideal, but if you are admitted close to the beginning of a semester or simply cannot attend a group orientation, individual orientations can be arranged.

In this orientation you will meet one-on-one with an academic adviser in the Business School. The adviser will review your transfer courses with you, explain your program plan, outline what’s left for graduation, and create a schedule of recommended classes

Unlike in the group orientations, the adviser will not be able to guide you through registering for classes. You will need to make sure to ask for clarification if you do not understand something. However, you can always come for additional advising appointments.

Common FAQs
Is there a separate transfer application for the business school?
The School of Business Administration does not have a separate application. Follow the transfer process outlined on Oakland’s Future Transfer Students page.

How many credits can transfer?
There are no restrictions on credits from a four-year college or university. However, the university will only accept 64 credits from a two-year community college.

If you have more than 64 credits when you transfer that’s okay, we’ll take the 64 best credits that apply to business at the time of your application. For details on transferring credit, visit the Office of the Registrar Transfer page.

Are scholarships available for transfer students?
Yes, there are scholarships available specifically for transfer students. See the Transfer Student Paying for College page.

How to Apply

Once you have decided that Oakland University is for you, you need to complete an application. We recommend you apply at least two semesters in advance. For example, if you want to attend in September (Fall semester) you should apply two semesters between January and March (Winter semester).

You can apply to Oakland University at any point in the year for free. Application instructions are available on the Transfer Student page.

Selecting Your Major

On the admissions application you will be asked to select a major.

If you know which business major you want, you should select that major. If you know you are interested in business but not a specific major yet, you can just select “business.”

All business students begin Oakland as a “pre-business” or “undecided business” student based on their transfer courses and GPA. Major standing is earned as early as a students’ second semester at Oakland, depending on transfer coursework.