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Dr. Sang Rhee

Sang Rhee

Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
330 DHE
Lab Location: 331 & 332 DH
Lab Phone: (248) 370-3589
FAX (248) 370-4225


  • BIO 423 Immunology
  • BIO 523 Immunology


Mucosal immunology; the effects of host-gut microbial interaction on immune system regulation associated with inflammatory diseases and cancer. Molecular and biochemical aspects of immune regulation underlying the diseases and the development of preventive and therapeutic approaches in humans.

Selected Publications:

Rhee SH, Ma EL, Lee Y, Taché Y, Pothoulakis C, and Im E. (2015). Corticotropin releasing hormone and urocortin 3 stimulate vascular endothelial growth factor expression through the cAMP/CREB pathway. Journal of Biological Chemistry 290(43):26194-203. PMID: 26350463, PMCID: PMC4646269.

Im E, Jung J, Pothoulakis C, and Rhee SH. (2014). Disruption of Pten speeds onset and increases severity of spontaneous colitis in Il10–/– mice. Gastroenterology 147:667-679. PMID: 24882466, PMCID: PMC4143453.

Choi YJ, Jung J, Chung HK, Im E, and Rhee SH. (2013). PTEN regulates TLR5-induced intestinal inflammation by controlling Mal/TIRAP recruitment. FASEB Journal 27:243-254. PMID: 23038756, PMCID: PMC3528317.

Choi YJ, Im E, Pothoulakis C, and Rhee SH. (2010) TRIF modulates TLR5-dependent responses by inducing proteolytic degradation of TLR5. Journal of Biological Chemistry 285:21382-21390. PMID: 20452988, PMCID: PMC2898416.

Choi YJ, Im E, Chung HK, Pothoulakis C, and Rhee SH. (2010). TRIF mediates Toll-like receptor 5-induced signaling in intestinal epithelial cells. Journal of Biological Chemistry 285:37570-37578. PMID: 20855887, PMCID: PMC2988362.

Rhee SH, Im E, and Pothoulakis C. (2008). Toll-like receptor 5 engagement with flagellin mediating the innate immunity elicits anti-tumor activity in mouse xenograft model of human colon cancer. Gastroenterology 135:518-528. PMID: 18538140, PMCID: PMC2667819. (Selected for Editorial)