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Mary A. Jamieson

Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
337 DHE
(248) 370 3684
Lab location: 329 DHE, 335 DHE
Lab phone: (248) 370-3584

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BIO 483/583 Topics in Community and Population Biology
BIO 495 Scientific Inquiry and Communication


Dr. Jamieson’s research is aimed at understanding and predicting the effects of global environmental change on species interactions and biological diversity. She focuses on understanding plant and insect response to global change drivers, including nitrogen deposition, biological invasions, climate change, and land-use change. She investigates plant-herbivore, plant-pollinator, and multi-species interactions within the context of anthropogenic environmental change. Her research examines the role of genetic, ontogenetic, and environmental factors in shaping plant performance and defense traits. She also studies how plant traits affect insect herbivores and pollinators. Professor Jamieson’s work spans a range of biological fields, including chemical, physiological, community, and evolutionary ecology. Her research involves a combination of greenhouse, field, and laboratory studies that examine a variety of species, such as native and invasive plants as well as beneficial and pest insects in managed and natural ecosystems, including grassland, forest, and agricultural habitats. The aim of Dr. Jamieson’s research program is to inform and advance efforts in biological conservation, natural resource management, and agroecology.

Selected Publications:

Jamieson MA, Schwartzberg EG, Raffa KF, Reich PB, Lindroth RL. (2015). Experimental climate warming alters aspen and birch phytochemistry and performance traits for an outbreak insect herbivore. Global Change Biology doi: 10.1111/gcb.12842

Schwartzberg EG, Jamieson MA, Raffa KF, Reich PB, Montgomergy RA, Lindroth RL. (2014). Simulated climate warming alters phenological synchrony between an outbreak insect herbivore and host trees. Oecologia175(3): 1041-1049.

Jamieson MA, Quintero C, Blumenthal D. (2013). Interactive effects of simulated nitrogen deposition and altered precipitation patterns on plant allelochemical concentrations. Journal of Chemical Ecology 39(9): 1204-1208.

Jamieson MA, Trowbridge AM, Raffa KF, Lindroth RL. (2012). Consequences of climate warming and altered precipitation patterns for plant-insect and multitrophic interactions. Plant Physiology 160(4): 1719-1727.

Jamieson MA, Seastedt TR, Bowers MD. (2012). Soil nitrogen enrichment differentially affects above and belowground plant defense. American Journal of Botany 99(10): 1630-1637.