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Scott Tiegs

Scott Tiegs
Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
366 DHE
(248) 370-2695
Lab Location: 364 DHE, 365 DHE


  • BIO 113  Biology II
  • BIO 301  Ecology
  • BIO 471  Stream Ecology
  • BIO 474  Tropical Field Ecology

Geographically separate ecosystems are often ecologically connected by flows of carbon and nutrients. Rivers receive nitrogen subsidies from the Pacific ocean in the form of migrating salmon; streams receive carbon from autumn-shed riparian leaves; riparian soils receive riverine sediments during flood events. Do human activities alter these connections? And if so, what are the ecological consequences? To answer these types of questions, Dr. Tiegs employs field-based experimental and observational approaches — usually in aquatic ecosystems — with the aim of better understanding how human activities impact aquatic ecosystems, and how undesired effects can be ameliorated through ecological restoration.

Selected Publications:

Tiegs, S.D., S.A. Entrekin, G.H. Reeves, D. Kuntzsch, and R.W. Merritt. (2013).  Litter Decomposition, and Associated Invertebrate Communities, in Wetland Ponds of the Copper River Delta, Alaska (USA).  Wetlands  In Press

Stephens, J.P., Berven, K., and S.D. Tiegs. (2013)  Leaf-litter impacts the development of larval wood frogs.  Freshwater Biology  58: 1631-1646. 

Woodward, G., Gessner, M., Giller, P., Gulis, V., Hladys, S., Lecerf, A., Malmqvist, B., McKie, B., Tiegs, S.D., Cariss, H., Dobson, M., Elosegi, A., Ferreira, V., Graca, M., Fleituch, T., Lacoursiere, J., Nistorescu, M., Pozo, J., Risnoveanu, G., Schindler, M., Vadineanu, A., Vought, L., Chauvet, E. (2012)  Continental-scale effects of nutrient pollution on stream ecosystem functioning. Science 336: 1438-1440. 

Campbell, T.B. and S.D. Tiegs. (2012)  Factors governing the distribution, abundance, and community associations of the invasive round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) in tributaries of the Laurentian Great Lakes.  Journal of Great Lakes Research  38:569-574.

Greiner, H.G., Kashian, D., and S.D. Tiegs. (2012)  Impacts of invasive Asian (Amynthas hilgendorfi) and European (Lumbricus rubellus) earthworms in a North American temperate deciduous forest.  Biological Invasions 10: 2017-2027.

Tiegs, S.D., Levi, P.S., Rüegg, J., Chaloner, D.T., Tank, J.L., and G.A. Lamberti.  (2011)  Ecological effects of live salmon exceed those of carcasses during an annual spawning migration.  Ecosystems 14: 598-614.