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Master of Science in Biology

The program leading to a Master of Science provides advanced training to students seeking employment in biological disciplines. The Master of Science in biology also prepares students for entrance into Ph.D. programs.

The M.S. program covers the breadth of biological questions ranging from the fields of biomedical research to ecology, evolution, and behavior. Some examples of biomedical research topics currently studied at Oakland University include cancer research, stem cell research, intercellular signaling in cardiovascular disease, genetics of cystic tubular organ diseases, mechanisms of gene expression, cell motility, pathology of the eye, and chemical communication between organisms. Some examples of ecology, evolution, and behavior research include the ecology of wood frogs, evolution of microbial species, evolution of transposable elements in plant genomes, evolution of parasite-host interactions, and the effect of human activity on aquatic ecosystems. Visit the Faculty Research page for more information and detailed descriptions of the faculty research interests within the Department of Biological Sciences.