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Master of Arts in Biology

The Master of Arts in Biology is a non-thesis master's program that has a larger course component, but a lesser research component, than the Master of Science. The M.A. program is designed for those students who wish to teach at the secondary or community college level and for students who hold a full-time job and wish to pursue a graduate degree simultaneously. 

The admissions requirements for the M.A. are identical to those of the M.S. The total number of credits for the M.A. degree is 36, the same as for the M.S. A maximum of nine credits can be transferred from another institution.

M.A. students will earn their 4-8 credits of BIO 690 by working with one or more faculty on a research project. The student will be required to write a report on their BIO 690 research. The departmental graduate committee will determine if students have met the degree requirements for the M.A. in Biology.

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