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Biology, B.A.

With an undergraduate degree in biology, you will be prepared for graduate study in the life sciences and various career options from ecologist  to educator to wildlife biologist. 

The B.A. is designed for students intending to incorporate a biology major into a broader liberal arts program in pursuit of careers in technical fields or business or postgraduate study. See a sample schedule for the B.A. in Biology on the advising page.  

Students in the B.A. curriculum who wish to apply to medical or dental schools are advised to complete the concentration in pre-medical studies: medicine, dentistry, optometry and veterinary medicine. 

Many biology majors elect to participate in the research programs of individual faculty members for which they receive course credit (BIO 490). The student must initiate the process by talking to faculty members about their programs. Laboratory space is limited so an early commitment of a year's involvement is expected. Other students carry out a library literature search (BIO 405) under a faculty mentor. A third option is BIO 495, Scientific Inquiry and Communication. One of these options is required for both the B.S. and the B.A. degrees.