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Professional Development

Reginald McCloud
Director, Pre-College Programs
Committee Chair

Executive Book Summaries

Is it Time to Reinvent Yourself in CKC’ Executive EDGE

  • How to Change Your Reputation by Marshall Goldsmith
  • How to Befriend Adversity by J. Barry Griswell and Bob Jennings
  • Steer Your Job Toward Your Strengths by Marcus Buckingham
  • The Predictable Stages of Derailment by Marcus Buckingham
  • The Five Ways Leaders Lose Their Edge by Joelle Jay
  • Why Do People Derail? by Bill George
  • Conscious Moves to Be Somebody by Peter Han
  • Reinvent and Rebuild by J. Barry Griswell and Bob Jennings

Define Yourself as a Leader in CKC’ Executive EDGE

  • Activate Your Leadership Potential by George Bradt, Jayme Check and Jorge Pedraza
  • Focus on Strengths, Compensate for Weaknesses by John Zenger, Joseph Folkman and Scott Edinger
  • Qualities You Need to Live By by Brian Tracy
  • Build a Personal Support Team by Bill George
  • Make the Choice to Lead by John Maxwell
  • Sharpen Your Judgment by Noel Tichy and Warren Bennis
  • It’s Important to Keep Learning by John Maxwell
  • Stay on Track by Tim Irwin
  • What All Leaders Must Know by James Kouzes and Barry Posner

 Build Networks to Improve Everything in CKC’ Executive EDGE

  • Use the Power of Relationships by Keith Ferrazzi
  • Build an Advisory Network by Saj-nicole A. Joni
  • Pick the Best Advisors by Keith Ferrazzi
  • Network Your Business by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith
  • Social Networking - Beginning Steps by Dr. Ivan R. Misner and Michelle R. Donovan
  • Social Networking - The Power is in the Group by Brogan and Smith
  • Networking Lessons for the Office by Diane Darling

Self-help Books

Hill Harper:  The Wealth Cure (Putting Money in Its Place) – Harper presents a revolutionary new definition of wealth, motivating readers to not only build financial security, but to also achieve wealth in every aspect of their lives.

Common:  One Day It’ll All Make Sense - A poignant memoir of how strong relationships, commitment to a cause, ambition and vision sparked stratospheric success.

Glenn McIntosh: IT’S TIME TO BRING YOUR A GAME – McIntosh offers an approach to achieve the mind-set and action strategies that will lead to success in every area of your life.

News Worthy

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