Internal Audit

West Vandenberg Hall, Room 125
502 Meadow Brook Road
Rochester, MI 48309-4452
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Risk Assessment Instructions

All university departments must prepare a risk self-assessment based on management’s identified risk categories. The department’s risk rating will be determined by having the department head/academic chair complete the on-line “Oakland University Risk Assessment Department Profile” (OURADP) and “Risk Assessment Rating Sheet” (RARS) documents. The instructions below provide the procedures to complete and submit the required documents.

Document Completion Process
  • Go to Oakland University Internal Audit Department’s website and tab to the “University Risk Assessment” section.
  • Go to Oakland University Risk Assessment Department Profile link and complete the on-line document. After completion, print the OURADP and sign on page 12.
  • Open the Risk Assessment Rating Sheet link and complete the on-line Risk Assessment Rating Sheet by providing ratings based on information provide on the OURADP and the RARS’ “items to consider”. Upon, completion, print the document.
Risk Assessment Document Approval
  • Submit the completed OURADP and RARS documents to your next supervisory level for review and agreement. This may be a Dean, Department Head, Vice President or President based on your position within the university.
  • The Supervisor or their designee should determine if the risk rating is appropriate for the operation based on their knowledge and information provided in the OURADP. If differences exist, the supervisor should resolve with the individual completing the OURADP and RARS. 
Vice President’s Authorization and Submission
  • The Vice President or designee obtains an OURADP and RARS from all units within their responsibility.
  • The Vice President or designee must sign both the OURADP and RARS indicating agreement of the information and overall risk rating within their division.
  • The Vice President or designee submits their division’s OURADP and RARS to the Internal Audit Department for analysis.
Internal Audit Department Review and Follow-up
  • Internal Audit representatives analyze each OURADP and RARS and will with meet with auditable unit’s Vice President, if significant risk rating difference exists.